Sleek Goodnight Sweetheart Palette Review & Swatches

screenshot_2016-09-29-15-02-58-01Except for the liquid lipsticks from Sleek (Swatches here), I’d not really tried that much else from the brand. Nothing stood out to me as anything special. Until they came out with this beauty, the limited edition I-Divine Goodnight Sweetheart palette. As soon as I saw this on their Instagram, I fell in love. The shades are just perfect for Fall and you can create so many looks from this palette alone.

screenshot_2016-09-22-12-59-40-01This palette has 12 shadows, most shimmery, 2 matte, a few duo chromes and a couple glitter. It does have an amazing variety of finishes, I just wish it came with a few more mattes! The pigmentation is excellent and they blend beautifully. My only complaint is the packaging. I really wish the palette looked like the box, it’s sooo pretty! Let’s get into the swatches!

screenshot_2016-09-29-16-07-38-02This is the top row of shadows. All excellent pigmentation! The last one is probably the worst of the lot but it still looks beautiful on the lid.

screenshot_2016-09-29-16-07-56-01This is the bottom row is just as beautiful as the top. I’ve had a good play around with this  and it’s just a perfect fall neutral palette, I can’t recommend it enough! Sleek said that they were only available until the end of September so if you’re wanting it (there are other limited edition ones too) then grab them as quick! They’re only £8.99!

Thanks so much for reading!


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