Gold Autumnal Makeup

I absolutely love Autumnal & Winter makeup, the colours are just so stunning and anybody can pull them off. I feel like the past few months I’ve not really been experimenting with makeup too much until around early August when Autumn was just around the corner. Anyway, I decided to have a play around with shimmers and golds instead of the typical cranberry shades I usually go for. And I love it! It’s so easy that everybody can do this sort of look.

This is the look I did using just two shadows from the Freedom Makeup Black Arts Palette. I never usually reach for this anymore, even though it’s amazing quality and very versatile. When I was looking for the shades I wanted, I came across them in this palette, along with a lot more shades I want to play with!

These are the two shades I used and as you can see there are plenty of other stunning shades! I used the gold all over the lid and the red/brown in the crease. The red shade was a little disappointing as it applied more as a red toned brown rather than a brown toned red which was what I was expecting.

I always want the lips to be the focus and dark in Autumn so I had to go with Vino Tinto. I think even though the eyes are quite dramatic, I think this look goes perfect with the lipstick.

bc20160917_150040-03-1Overall I’m super happy with this look and makes me feel very festive! What do you guys think? Thanks so much for reading!


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