Working With Brands

Over the past year & a half or so I’ve been blogging, I’ve been asked on numerous occasions how I get to work with brands. So I thought it was time to share the little knowledge I have on the topic! First things first though, if you’re blogging just to get free stuff then I wouldn’t bother. The passion won’t be there and brands will see that.

Now, whilst followers do help, it’s not always the amount you have that’s important. I was lucky enough to work with brands well before 1000 followers on here, it depends if they like the content you post and if you have good quality pictures etc.

Anyway there are a few ways you can work with brands. First option is that you could contact the brands to see if they want to collaborate. Some brands may like that, some brands won’t even give a response. In my early days of blogging, I did reach out to a few indie brands and most of the time it paid off but as I’ve grown as a blogger I realise how unprofessional it can be. It’s all down to personal choice but I do think there are better options out there.

Next up are blogger sites such as The Blogger Programme. Brands who require bloggers will advertise themselves and you fill out a form and they’ll get in touch if you’re suitable for the products/campaign. This is a brilliant way to get in touch with brands professionally without waiting for them to come for you. Sites like these sometimes require a certain amount of followers but there are sites out there to suit every blogger.

Another way is PR companies. This is how I get most of my products for review now. By being signed up with a PR company, they get in touch when a brand wants bloggers and they send out the products to you. Most PR companies do require a certain amount of followers and activity depending on their clients.

Last but not least is just waiting for companies to contact you. I know it can take a while but after putting in so much time and effort on your blog and you get brands contacting you directly is definitely the most satisfying feeling. This is (for me) the most professional way to work with brands.

And that’s it guys! I’ve covered what I know and I hope this helps! I love being a blogger and luckily it’s a perk to the job but don’t let getting free stuff be the main focus behind your blog. Enjoy what you do and the perks will come eventually.

Thanks so much for reading guys!


27 thoughts on “Working With Brands

  1. This was really interesting, thanks for sharing! It was great to read about all the options! I keep thinking about it, but I don’t know if I’d have the time to keep on top of it all and I’d worry about letting brands down etc.

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  2. I agree with you on followers count. It hardly matters. Never contacted any brand ever I didn’t know, it worked that way but great information here and thanks for sharing about blogger programme, will google it for more details.

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