This Weeks Nail Art.

I did promise you guys a little while back on regular nail art posts but I’ve really been slacking with it! I’ve been getting my son ready for school (he starts next Monday! 😦 ) and been doing bits and bobs with the house. Anyway, the nail are I have done has been Autumnal, although the UK is absolutely sucking at the minute and we’re expecting another heat wave after the weekend. WTF is all this about, we’re usually all about the crappy weather! Anyway, I do have other blog posts planned that aren’t Autumn related as I don’t want to bore you guys silly. My nail art posts will probably be Autumnal though, I can’t get inspired by anything else!

screenshot_2016-09-09-21-30-04-01My first one is a gradient, which I haven’t done in soooo long! When I was doing nail art regularly, gradients were my favourite thing to do and my goodness have I missed them! For this I used BarryM Bronze Bae ( I love BarryM but that name makes me cringe) and another BarryM in Burgundy Crush. That might be wrong as the label has rubbed off but I think it is!

screenshot_2016-09-09-22-55-57-01Next up is a geometric design (I actually have no clue what it’s called, I’m just guessing). For this I used BarryM Paprika, Models Own Heather & BarryM Almond. I hand drew the black lines with acrylic paint.

Next up is not nail art but two polishes that are perfect for Autumn. I used BarryM Paprika as the base and shoved Ciate Beach Hut over the top. It’s an absolute stunner! I just wish I could layer it up rather than having to use it as a top coat but it’s far too thin.

& that’s it guys, sorry it’s a little short and not too exciting but there will be more in the future.

Thanks so much for reading!



20 thoughts on “This Weeks Nail Art.

    1. I do understand! BarryM & Revlon (maybe other brands but I can’t think of any off the top of my head) they have scented ones. BarryM smell nice (they only have 4 shades & they’re all jelly polishes) but I personally think Revlon smell worse than normal nail polish scent. ❤ xxx

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