NutriPlan Superfood

Being and eating healthy isn’t always the easiest to do. When products like these that can make being healthier that little bit easier come up, i just at the chance to have them.

From NutriPlan we have the new Tropical Blend Organic Superfood & Lean Green Superfood Shake.

The Lean Green Shake contains 10 fruits and vegetables including Avocado for weight and carrot for better skin. You can choose to mix this with water or add to fruit juice, if you have a strong stomach I recommend that method but if not, definitely add to fruit juice! There’s no beating around the bush with this, it doesn’t taste good. It is super good for you so definitely worth the taste.

The next product is the Tropical Blend Organic Superfood which will help with you skin, hair and energy. With this one, you can sprinkle on food or mix with juice. Again, I chose to mix with juice, I just didn’t fancy putting powder on my food. With this, I couldn’t taste anything once mixed in but even with using a blender, I could still taste/feel the powder, which was a little off putting. But with the benefits from drinking this, I got it together and drank it.

After drinking these for 7 days, I did notice a little increase in energy (I have quit energy drinks recently so I definitely needed it!) and a little improvement in the appearance of my skin. I don’t expect miracles after only 7 days so I think with making this a daily routine long term you’ll notice a big difference.

Thanks so much for reading!


*contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are my own*


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