Autumn DIY Fails

It’s finally September! Which means the beginning of Autumnal posts! You’ve no idea how hard it’s been for me to hold off posting Autumn related makeup & hair posts. I’m so happy it’s now socially acceptable 😉

But anyway over the past few years I’ve been wanting to give DIYs a go but never got around to it. This year I’ve been determined to make some little pieces, they didn’t turn out exactly how as I thought. I thought I would share anyway, as we aren’t perfect and suck at stuff sometimes (with me it’s most of the time).

Screenshot_2016-08-31-12-57-13-01This first one is inspired by one I found on Pinterest. Mine is a little different as it’s meant to say Fall over 4 jars but I didn’t have enough that matched. The string I ordered I expected to be thicker so I ended up having the layer the bow and it’s sucky. The ‘Fall’ just looks off. Anything else that sucks haha. At least I tried!


The next one I actually like, except for the little canvas in the middle. I definitely need to thicken up the Fall but there’s just something that doesn’t sit right with me as regarding the sign. I kind of wish I’d just stuck a few pine cones or something on there with the leaves instead.


The next one I really like! It’s just a little too easy to call it a DIY. I had this little heart floating around the house anyway, same with the ribbon and the little wooden star. I just attached them together and hey ho we have a little hanging thing. I might paint the heart and star to make them more Autumnal, I suppose this comes under shabby chic (correct me if i’m wrong, I’m no deco expert) rather than Autumnal but I wanted to include it anyway.


17 thoughts on “Autumn DIY Fails

  1. You know what might have looked cool? If instead of penning the word ‘fall’ onto that bit of sack sack round the jar, it could have been branded on instead, the burnt effect looks very rustic and autumnal on sack cloth.

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