Monthly Edit | August 

It’s almost Autumn! I’ve been so excited about doing this post, not because it’s favourites but because it’s almost September! I can’t tell you how excited I am for Autumn. I’ve been doing some Autumn DIY’s, already bought my hats and I’ve dyed my hair all Autumny! I’ll show you in another post if you didn’t catch it on Instagram. Anyway, before I ramble on too much about how excited I am, lets just get into my August Favourites.

Screenshot_2016-08-29-17-59-52-01.jpegThis is one of my all time favourite palettes, New-Trals Vs Neutrals by Makeup Revolution. I’ve been playing around with my eye makeup a lot recently (I’m wanting to do Autumn Makeup posts) and this has been my go to palette. The shades in here are perfection and you can create some gorgeous looks perfect for Fall. Those top 3 shades, the orange, berry & red have all been heavily used!

Next up are the Spectrum brushes I recently reviewed. I loved all of them but I do have some favourites, B04, A08 & B06 (which my son took a pair of scissors to if you can see in the picture. Yes I almost cried). These brushes are incredible and I really do feel like they’ve helped improve my makeup. Not only do they look gorgeous but they are by far the best brushes I own. I’ve used these almost every single day since I’ve received them.



These next two are quite new purchases. I picked them up from the Poundshop as I’m always on the lookout for new bits for nailcare. I wasn’t expecting anything out of these, as a lot of cheap products for cuticles and nails don’t tend to be great. But I was proved wrong! This is as good as my favourite, Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover and for just £1 is an absolute bargain. Next from the same brand Nutra Nail is their Elemental Defense Cuticle Balm. I apply this throughout the day and my cuticles are looking amazing! When applying it doesn’t feel overly moisturising but once the cuticle has properly absorbed it, they look incredible.

Screenshot_2016-08-29-17-34-42-01.jpegNext up is from good old BarryM. This is an old polish of theirs from around 2/3 years ago, Mustard from their Tribal collection. When the collection was released this was the shade out of all of them I needed to have (I ended up buying all of them anyway, oops) and I’m still in love with it just as much as I was. I’m definitely feeling Autumn more this year than any other so I dug it out and shoved it on my nails. It’s a stunner!




Last up is MUA Romantic Efflorescence palette. Another go to for Autumn shades but more on the Purple/Cool tones. The amount of different looks (not just autumnal) you can get from this palette is amazing and I highly recommend, especially with it costing £4.

Thanks so much for reading guys!


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