Sleek Matte Me Pros & Cons Including Lip Swatches


I’ve been raving about these babies ever since I purchased Birthday Suit a little while back. If you’re a matte lipstick lover like me, you’ll love these little gems. They’ve recently launched new shades so there’s now 12 in the collection. I own 8 as I don’t like the look of the others, so I’ve finally finished my little collection! To almost every product, there is pros and cons so as we go along I’ll explain what I do & don’t like about them. These are available online and at Superdrug & Boots for £4.99. Oh & I know it’s not even September yet guys but all my pictures will be Autumnal 😀

This is Birthday suit, the lightest of the collection. This is the perfect classic nude, a little on the peach side rather than pink. There’s no streaking and you only need one coat. This is part of their old collection so comes with the long doefoot applicator, which can be a pain to use. Hopefully they have or are upgrading the old shades to the new applicator.

Next up is my least favourite shade of the bunch Bittersweet. This is more of a coral pink, it’s not too bright but too pink for me. I do prefer my nudes and dark shades but this still borders on the nude side so I’ll still wear it! Again, you only need one coat and this has the new applicator, a normal doefoot.

This is one of my favourites, Shabby Chic. This is a muted dark pink, with a slight purple underdone. This is just stunning and will be the perfect nude for Fall. One coat and no streaks!

Another favourite (okay I admit that most of them are to be honest), Velvet Slipper. This is a muted deep plum and an a stunning dark nude. Such a flattering shade.

Rioja Red is the perfect postbox red and perfect for any occasion and any makeup. This glides on perfectly and has one of the easiest formulas to work with. This has the old applicator but still applies so easily.

Next we have Fired Up. This is a dark crimson and an absolute beaut of a colour. This colour can apply a little streaky if it’s not worked with quick enough but wearing a lip liner can solve that if you struggle a little with application. This is one coat, no lip liner.

This is Old Hollywood and where the problems start with the shades. This is Ox Blood Red but is so streaky that I have to use a lip liner every time. It’s a stunning shade but the formula lets it down big time. I’m personally more than happy to use a lip liner underneath as it is so stunning but I know that will put a lot of people off. This was 2 coats, no lip liner and still streaky!

Last up we have Vino Tinto which is a deep berry. I adore this shade and cannot stop wearing it at the minute! This does have exactly the same problems as Old Hollywood though. Streaky. This one doesn’t even layer as it tends to take the colour away and leave it patchy. But a lip liner does solve the problem again, so I don’t mind too much.

These do last a long long time on the lips and aren’t overly drying. The product does tend to come off the inner lip quite easily which can be a bit frustrating with the darker shades but applying a lip liner underneath also does help with the problem and helps the lipstick last longer.

Thanks so much for reading guys! Which one is your favourite?


32 thoughts on “Sleek Matte Me Pros & Cons Including Lip Swatches

  1. I think velevet slipper has to be my favourite it’s just so beautiful and I think it’d look great on my skin tone!! Not gunna lie that autumnal photos got me super exited for autumn/winter so now I can’t wait for September!!!! Great post 💚

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