Product Fail – Oil Makeup Remover

When it comes to removing makeup, I’m pretty set in my way and use Micellar Water. But being a blogger is all about trying new things, so when i was asked to review this product of course I said yes. This is from The Jojoba Company and I have actually reviewed another product for these guys a few years back which I loved.

This product, I unfortunately dislike. This is their 100% Natural Makeup Remover. This isn’t tested on animals, contains 100ml of product for $29.95 AUD (£17.50), so it’s quite pricey! Even though I have dry skin, I’m not the biggest fan of just having oil on my face anyway as it can feel to greasy depending on the product.

The directions specify to use two pumps on a cotton pad and then remove makeup. As you can see from my picture, the 2 pumps don’t spread out along the cotton pad and you end up having to use a ton of product just to get a decent amount on there. Those two pumps wouldn’t be enough to remove makeup from one eye. For the price I would want the product to stretch a little.

The makeup also didn’t come off that easy either. It’s not the worst thing I’ve used to remove makeup at all but it wasn’t any easier than normal.As well as that, it left my face feeling greasy and I hated it being on my skin. Even after washing my face it still felt greasy.

It’s such a shame because I did have high hopes for this and even though it’s an oil makeup remover, I expected it to be less oily! I thought it was going to be an oil based remover instead of pure oil. I have very dry skin and thought oil would hydrate the crap out of my skin but I felt like this just sat on it.

Have you guys used oil/oil makeup remover before? Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks so much for reading!

*contains gifted or pr sample but all opinions are definitely my own*


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