A Blog Post I Didn’t Want To Do -Real Fur Hat Review

I received this hat a while ago to review from BKLYN and agreed to review for them, not realising that the hat was made from real racoon fur until I received it. Fur in the fashion industry pisses me off more than anything so I said I would send the hat back. I was shocked to see fur to be honest, I know it’s still around with high end designers but on the whole i really thought that real fur was a dying trend. Once doing some research I was shocked to see how many fur companies are still around in the UK alone. But anyway, with all the medical issues I was going through, it honestly slipped my mind and before I know it, it’s been a good couple of months or so since I receive it. So rather than send it back this late I thought I would stick to my word and do a post.

I came across a post by another fellow blogger who had also received a hat from this company, she wasn’t aware it was real fur and until recently they didn’t even specify on their site that their pieces are made from real fur.

On the right picture was the fur bobble that came with it. I didn’t want to advertise the fur for obvious reasons but thought I’d show you this as I’ve made some changes to the hat. These hats come with poppers so you change what bobble you wear.

So, I picked up a cheap faux fur bobble and glued the popper into this and now have a burgundy bobble instead. The hat itself is gorgeous, I can’t deny that but in no way am i promoting this company. They’re very expensive, this hat costing £55. You can pick up plenty of other hats with the same quality for less that look incredible and don’t torture and kill animals in the process.

What do you guys think to the fur industry? Against, for or not bothered?


Thanks so much for reading!


31 thoughts on “A Blog Post I Didn’t Want To Do -Real Fur Hat Review

  1. I was just talking to my hubby about how Chloe Kardashian is a PITA ambassador but she does have a lot of fur stuff as well Hermes which are all from animals. Just no to animal cruelty especially just to rip their skin off for fashion. 😦

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  2. This is a really interesting post, I haven’t heard of this brand but know of other brands that sell real fur hats without telling people outright that they’re made of 100% fur, obviously as it would shake some people up and reduce their sales. I hate the fur trade, and love the adjustments you have made to the hat, it looks really cute!

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  3. It’s amazing that you wrote a completely honest review and stuck to your morals on such an important topic. I actually think the hat looks way better with your cruelty-free burgandy bobble 🙂
    I am definitely anti-fur as I am also vegetarian [mostly vegan] and I also look for cruelty-free and vegan makeup and skincare products, and makeup brushes. There is no need for the fur industry, especially when if you really want fur there are so many good faux furs out there! xo

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    1. Thanks darlin ❤ and I do too, I love the two colours together! I’m not vegetarian or vegan (I’m bordering on vegetarian, I choose vegetables alternatives mostly but do eat it if I fancy it), I just want the animals to have a nice life and be killed humanly. There’s no need for torture and to use and kill animals for vanity. There are such good alternatives.

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  4. I think it’s awesome that you spoke out against this, even though it was a product sent to you. My dad is a hunter, and I fully support him and everything they [other hunters] do, but I don’t support killing innocent animals JUST for their fur. We eat our deer, turkeys, and whatever else he brings home. It’s a lot healthier, and he really takes care of the land he hunts on and promotes a healthy environment. It’s not just him going out and blasting animals for the fun of it. He’s selective and really does care. Companies that are taking animals for fashion purposes only are disgusting in my opinion. They are the dangerous ones and really should be stopped. It’s so nice to see that the awareness of what goes on in the beauty and fashion industry has brought a lot of that to a halt, but it’s sad that it still exists. Hopefully one day, things like this won’t happen. It would be nice if they re-did these hats with faux fur and donated part of their profit to some animal group that protects the little fur babies!

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    1. I completely agree with you darlin, as long as they are killed humanly and for the right reasons I’m on board, although I could never do it myself! And it really is wrong, especially the process the poor animals go through just for the fur, they’re not even killed humanly 😦 and I would love them and promote them to the moon and back if they did that! Unfortunately I’m not holding my breath though! Thanks so much for reading darlin! ❤

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      1. Of course! Great job on being upfront about the post and not just going on and on about how you love it because it was sent to you to review. Honesty is everything.

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  5. The new bobble adds a better flair to the hat. There’s no need for animal fur or skin to be used when there are so many better alternatives out there. Good for you for this post as demoting it is more powerful than not reviewing it; you let others know the cruelty behind the brand!

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    1. I’ve checked their site and says nothing about cruelty free. And usually even if it is ‘cruelty free’ fur, they’re kept in cages and just brushed. Still don’t think that classes as cruelty free to me xxx


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