Spectrum 8 Piece Eye Brush Set

Aren’t these the most beautiful makeup brushes?! I’m not usually a pink fan but with the blue and purple heads, they look amazing! These are from Spectrum and it’s their 8 Piece Eye Blending Set.

Screenshot_2016-08-09-22-07-39-01Before going into how these brushes performed I’ll quickly take you through the set.

A16 – Small Flat Brush –Cutting The Crease

A12 – Fluffy Pencil Brush- Applying Eye Shadow To Lower Lashline & Getting In The Crease

A13 – Dense Smudge Brush– Smudging Liner & Eye Shadow

B04 – Fluffy Angled Brush – Applying & Blending Eye Shadow

A08 – Fluffy Shader – Applying & Blending Eye Shadow

C06 – Eye Contour – Applying Eye Shadow To The Crease & Blending

B06 – Tapered Blending Brush – Blending & Perfecting Eye Shadow

A07 – Shader Brush – Packing Eyeshadow Onto The Lid

Since using these, my eyeshadow has looked so much better! I’m finding my eyeshadow blends better than ever before, I’m starting to feel like a professional! For £30 for the set, you cannot go wrong at all. This set is perfect for anybody, especially those just starting out as this will give you all the brushes you need to get started. I absolutely love them! My favourite brushes being A08, B06 &A12, you can create amazing brushes with just them alone!

I’ve got my eye on another set already, their 10 Piece Essential Set, which includes face and eye brushes. That set is only £40, incredible value! Not only do they perform amazingly, they’re all gorgeous and will look amazing on display.

Thanks so much for reading!


*contains gifted or pr sample but all opinions are my own*


12 thoughts on “Spectrum 8 Piece Eye Brush Set

  1. I’ve been eyeing these up for some time now, along with the clam set, their brushes are wonderful so it’s great to read a blog that says they are as good as they look! They’ve gone straight onto my wish list!
    Lovely blog

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