I Can Finally Have A Good Nights Sleep!


Snoring has been such a huge part of my relationship. It’s the cause to many arguments and being so sleep deprived. Not only does my fiancé snore like no other, his breathing is so loud it sometimes distracts me from watching the television. He’s a gym-goer so he’s big and heavy, which has effected his snoring and breathing even more. So we both didn’t end up killing each other through lack of sleep (me not sleeping because of his snoring and him not sleeping because I’m waking him up all the time), we came to an agreement. I went to bed half an hour early and he went to bed half an hour/ an hour later. It sometimes didn’t work if I wasn’t tired or couldn’t sleep and we’d end up at each others throat at 3am in the morning.

That’s where this little miracle comes in! The  Oral Device from Snoreeze, their new model. I didn’t have high hopes that this would work in all honesty. We’d tried all sorts to stop him snoring but nothing worked. I’m honestly over the moon that we finally have something!

This is the device, their new model, I know it looks a little scary! But it’s really not. It folds over, so it’s like having gum shields (like when you whiten your teeth) on the top and bottom sets of teeth. You put the device in boiling water and mould them to your teeth and you’re good to go!

Screenshot_2016-08-02-22-27-54-01Here is my gorgeous fiancé modelling the device. I know it can look a bit bulky but he has soon got used to wearing it. He hasn’t had any discomfort from the device but he has been getting pain from a few problems with his back teeth and has struggled to wear this because of that problem. Other than that, he doesn’t find it uncomfortable to wear.

We did get to try the Snoreeze Throat Spray beforehand but me and Emma from Snoreeze didn’t think this would work as he has heavy snoring. We gave it a good go but wasn’t enough to tackle his elephant snoring.

This device last for up to 180 nights of pure silent bliss and we will definitely be getting this product again once it’s time to replace it. I can’t thank the company enough for letting me try this product out, it’s given me my sleep back!

You can buy this device online here or in store at Boots.

Thanks so much for reading!


*contains gifted or pr item but all opinions are my own*


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