Monthly Edit | July


It’s almost Autumn guys! Are you all as excited as i am? Seeing the summer clothes go on sale makes me the happiest person, knowing they’re making room for all the cozy jumpers and thick leggings. I can’t wait! Anyway, July has been a crazy shitty month for me and I’m happy to see the back of it. But, I do have some good news! I’ve had the all clear from the biopsy, I had CIN2 which means I have to go back for another smear in 6 months, but apart from that all is good. I still have problems with pain in my abdomen but I’m in the process of getting that sorted (hopefully after 4 years!). Anyway, after that little catch up, onto the products!

First up is a dupe for you all! Well, they’re still both pricey but one is half the price than the other. I’ve raved so much about the ioma Paris Vitality shot (on the right) and I really am in love with it but it’s price tag is £55 (although it’s on offer for £27.50 on Harrods website, you’re welcome!). Without realising I had a dupe sitting around, the Embryolisse Radiant Complexion which costs  £24.99 from Boots (on the left).  I mix these in with my foundation to give an amazing natural glow, as well as lowering the coverage for my foundation (yes, I’m liking less coverage at the minute!). I know the swatches look different, but they both have the teeny golden flakes in them that when rubbed into the skin, they give the exact same glow. I’ve been using Embryolisse for most of the month!

What would be a favourites without a liquid lipstick? This is Sleek Matte Me in Vino Tinto (I will be doing a blog post complete with lip swatches on all the ones I own once I get my hands on the other few shades I’m after.). With Autumn in mind, I’m really into my dark shades at the minute and this is just perfection. It’s a little darker than pictured here, a deep berry. Out of all my new Matte Mes, this is the shade I’ve gravitated towards most.

Screenshot_2016-08-03-21-06-04-01.jpegI’m literally years late on the bandwagon with this guy, it’s the hair donut. Why have I only just started using one?! Messy buns are one of my favourite hair styles to wear but always took me ages to get a good amount of volume with just the right amount of messy before this. This has saved me so much time and effort. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to buy one!

Next up are a couple of the brushes I received earlier this month from My Makeup Brush Set. These don’t have numbers on them, but I think it’s a contour one (a few sizes down from the big foundation brush) and a concealer one. I’ve used these every single day, the contour one for foundation and concealer for concealer. They cover perfectly without making it cakey or looking like you had a ton of foundation on. I haven’t used my beauty sponge in weeks. Can’t get enough of them, tempted to go on eBay and buy a few more!

Last up is the gorgeous Rosie For Autograph Cream Shadow in Feline Fox. With all the hospital and doctor appointments & anxiety to go with them, I didn’t really feel like blending my eyeshadow for half an hour. A couple of swipes over the lid, blend it out and you’re good to go. It lasts all day, it’s so creamy and gives you’re eyes a sultry but natural look. I couldn’t be without it and need more shades!

And that’s all for now guys! I’m so excited for when August favourites rolls around because we’ll finally be in September!

Thanks so much for reading!


21 thoughts on “Monthly Edit | July

  1. That shadow looks amazing! Definitely going on my list! And I keep trying to get the sleek Matte me lop colours but the ones I want are always out of stock! I’ll wait for your review to help me decide which shades I like best 🙂

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    1. Theyre good for the price, just make sure you look on eBay, there’s a lot of controversy surrounding the company as regarding late/not received orders (on my original review), and they’re cheaper and exactly the same. They just repackaging them xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow, you almost have them all! I love sleek but in the us I can only order online and I really like to see colors in person first.


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