AA Skincare Face Toner

Excluding liquid lipstick, skincare is my current obsession. So when oppertunity arrises to try new products, i jump at the chance. This is AA Skincare Frankincense & Rose Face Toner. In all honesty, toner has never been a permanant part of my skincare routine so it was nice to bring something new into the mix and see what difference it made.

Screenshot_2016-07-22-21-07-08-01This has been perfect in the hot weather. Not only can you use this before moisturising, you can use this to refresh your skin during the day. Even using on top of makeup, it doesnt budge or ruin it. As long as you use a light mist and don’t go overboard. It gives my skin that extra bit of hydration before moituriser without going overboard and over moisturising. This would be perfect for those with combination skin to just give you that extra moisture where you need it.

This is avaliable from AA Skincare and is only £7.98 for a 150ml bottle. Not that bad at all considering my favourite toner being around £50 for a 100ml bottle!

Thanks so much for reading!


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