The Perfect Summer Perfume

Who doesn’t love a good perfume?! For day to day, i do usually wear body spray. For special occasions or long days out that’s when i grab the perfume. I love having a specific scent for special occasions because when I go to use the perfume again, it’ll take me back to an amazing memory and it puts me in the best mood(am i the only one to do this?!).



This is the perfume I’ve been using recently, Monsoon Rose Gold. I’ve made sure to use it on good days, so i can lock in some memories with the scent! This really does smell amazing. Monsoon isn’t a place i usually go to shop and was a little surprised to see they had released a perfume. For the price (£24 for 30ml or £35 for 100ml) I wasn’t expecting it to be as nice as what it is, it has the smell and lasting power of high end perfume. You cannot get a 100ml bottle of high end perfume for any less than £50-£60 so this is definitely a good deal.



The scent is citrus and sweet, with lemon & soft fruit as their top notes.If you like sweet (not overly though) scents, you’ll love this. it’s the perfect summer scent.

Screenshot_2016-08-02-22-29-54-01Aswell as the stunning scent, look at how pretty the bottle is! It will definitely look the part being sat on your dressing table, from the box to the lid, it’s all stunning! This is available to buy on their site, in store (I think) and from Fragrance Direct if you want to purchase!

Thanks so much for reading!


*contains gifted or pr sample but all opinions are my own*




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