The New Addition To My Nail Care Routine

Recently, my nail care routine has gone out of the window. With my anxiety being so high I have to say I’ve been neglecting my nails and nibbling away. I do have quite a collection of cuticle oils and butters but always on the lookout for new ones so I was very excited to try Nail HQ Cuticle Oil and have the kick up the arse I need to, to get back on top of looking after my nails and cuticles.

Screenshot_2016-07-22-21-06-04-01This contains Apricot & Jojoba Oil with Beta-Carotene Vitamins E, A & D3. Whatever is in it, I like it! It’s not the sort of oil that lingers around on the nails, it soaks in pretty much straight away, which I do love. It’s not the most nourishing I’ve ever tried but after applying it a few times a day, it really does soften the cuticle up and I have noticed a massive difference. There’s not much of a scent, just a slight hint of nail polish (which I do find a little odd). For £5.99 it’s not a bad price at all and definitely worth a go!

A list of places to buy is here, including Superdrug, Tesco and Amazon.

What do you guys use for keeping your cuticles their best?


Thanks so much for reading!


*contains gifted or pr sample but all opinions are my own*



8 thoughts on “The New Addition To My Nail Care Routine

  1. Helpful! I tried a new nail tech and she wanted me to try a new product called Gel Hardener that she put under my gel manicure. I did for several months. I had long, strong nails prior. After a few months I wanted to take it off. Not so easy and couldn’t find any reference to Gel Hardener online. Anyway, my nails are a wreck now and in recovery. They say
    your cuticles are key to healthy nails, so I appreciate this post. I’m going to try this to see if it helps the over-all problem. Thanks!

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