All That Jazz Nail Lacquer


A girl can never have enough nail polish right?! I’ve got over 300 & a few weeks ago welcomed these little beauties to my collection. These are from the brand All That Jazz, they not only do nail polish but nail stickers too. I just want to apologise in advance for not fully swatching the shades, I’ve been so poorly these past few weeks, that I just haven’t had the energy to do full swatches.

So I was sent 3 beautiful polishes, a silver, gold and a maroon purple. They’re all stunning and only require 2 coats. The purple doesn’t need a topcoat and dries super quick but the other 2 dry down to a dull finish and do require a topcoat if you want the holographic glitter to pop.

The first shade is Supernova. This is my favourite, it’s absolutely stunning! This is a silver with holographic glitter in which also have a pink sheen. I couldn’t for the life of me pick it up on camera but I own nothing like this polish, it’s so unique!



Here is the gold shade, Abla’s-All  Everything. This also has holographic glitter in as well as some pink glitter but it’s much less obvious in this polish than the silver. It’s still just as gorgeous and perfect to use for Christmas!


Last up is All Eyes On Me. This is maroon purple with a slight pink tone to it. This was almost fully opaque in 1 coat, it has the most amazing formula! I can’t wait to use this towards Autumn time, it’s the perfect shade.

Screenshot_2016-07-15-19-53-09-01The last thing I tried was their nail stickers, I had Metallic Filigree and Netting. You can either use these whole or cut them into your desired shape for nail art. These are crazily sticky and can tear easily so make sure you get the placement right first time or stick it to the back of your hand a couple of times before application but I prefer not to do this as they can stick up off the nail.

What shade is your favourite?

Thanks so much for reading!


*contains gifted or pr item all opinions are definitely my own*



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