The Concealer That Helps Clears Blemishes!

After being pleased with the results of Pro Activ+ 3 Step System, I was very excited to hear that they had come out with a concealer. I always have a lot of faith in skincare companies that come out with makeup products as they know what works with the skin. This is their Instant Fix Concealer which claims to help clear blemishes as well as covering redness, under eye bags and any flaws you may want to conceal all whilst avoiding clogging your pores.

It comes in a nice sized compact with 4 shades and a mirror and a flat mini brush. When I first opened this and realised their was 4 shades my instant thought was most of the product was going to be wasted. But after thinking about it a little more I realised that this was such a good idea. It’s easy for you to customise your own shade and to mix and match. It’ll save having to buy a new one for if you tan, I really think it’s a great idea having all 4 to use rather than picking just the one shade.

As you can see from the swatches these are very pigmented! It does give full coverage but at the same time feels very light weight, although slightly on the greasy side. I wouldn’t recommend using these directly under your eyes as it does crease a little. If you have darkness on the inner corner/third of your eye then this will be perfect for that. Once set it doesn’t budge but it’s also not drying either.

This little baby is a tad expensive at £23.99 but is that worth it to help get rid of blemishes whilst concealing? I don’t know. Unfortunately (the first time I’m ever saying this) I didn’t have a blemish to try it on! I actually haven’t had any breakouts in while tbh. I have redness and little unknown bumps but no spots at all so I can’t say whether or not it helped with them or not. If I do have an angry one that decides to surface I’ll do a quick update on here and let you all know.

Thanks so much for reading!

*this post contains gifted or pr item but all opinions are my own*




11 thoughts on “The Concealer That Helps Clears Blemishes!

      1. Well they’re there for if you tan or you can even use them for Contour? That’s what I tend to do with foundations and concealers that are too dark 🙂 if you’re not going to get enough use out of it, it definitely isn’t worth buying ❤


      2. Hm that’s right, I’ll check them out otherwise I guess the price is too high if I can only use one color… 🙂
        Thanks for your help! ❤

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