Hair Removal At Home With tria Beauty

Wouldn’t life just be so much easier if you had to shave less or not even at all? My natural hair is just a medium brown but my leg hairs can be quite dark and they grow at an insane rate! If I shave my legs in the morning, they’re already stubbly by the time night roll around, so I never have smooth legs for long!


I’m hoping that this tria Beauty with help with help with this. This device is the Hair Removal Laser x4. This is clinically proven and is the one and only cordless,at home laser removal using the same diode laser technology as dermatologists. I received their gorgeous white and green model (the head really reminds me of Snoopy!) as well as a charger, instruction booklet and Soothstart Calming Gel.

Before getting into the details of this product, I have to say it’s not safe on darker skin tones. This is because the skin may absorb too much light and may get discoloured, scarred or burned. There is a skin sensor on the bottom, it wont unlock the device if you’re unsuitable for treatment. You cant use this on tattoo’s or any marks such as birth marks that are darker than your natural skin tone. And if the hair that you’re treating is light, such as blonde, grey or red it won’t work as their isn’t enough pigment for the laser to disable the hair follicle.


I was very nervous when using this, I’m not the brightest spark and sometimes I think I’ve understood the instructions but when I do it, I end up doing it wrong. Surprisingly enough, this device is really easy to use and the instructions are also very clear that it was hard for even me to misunderstand. So far, I’ve only done a patch test, I’ll be doing my legs tomorrow providing the patch test turns out okay. There is 5 different treatment levels and you choose which one you want depending on your pain tolerance. Tolerable for me was 3, maybe 4 and it feels like a stinging sensation. I want to say it’s not too bad but I only did a patch test, I’m sure after a whole 2 legs full i’ll be saying different.

Screenshot_2016-07-17-19-13-27-01That’s where I’m hoping this comes in handy to help take the edge off the pain! This is their Smoothstart Cooling Gel. This smells absolutely delicious! Very spa like and soothing. I tested a little on the back of my hand and it is very cooling, I do imagine that this will help.

And I think that’s all for now guys! Any questions make sure to ask them in the comments!If you want an update tomorrow after my first treatment with pain etc, I’ll also be happy to do that, just let me know. I’ll be doing a 4 week update, you do 1 treatment every 2 weeks so I will have done 2 by then and I can’t wait to see the results.

Thanks so much for reading!


*contains gifted or pr item but all opinions are my own*



7 thoughts on “Hair Removal At Home With tria Beauty

  1. Oooooh I find shaving so boring but going to get waxed just makes me feel I’d get so judged by super pretty beauticians (espesh bikini line the social awkwardness wouldn’t handle it) so something like this seems like the perfect solution!? Can you use it on underarms as well or only legs, I’m really intrigued now I might have to do a cheeky Google stalk x

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