The Deodorant That Stops You Sweating! 

As a teen, I had a massive problem with excessive sweating. As I’ve aged, it’s become less of a problem but I still sweat more than the average person. When I was younger I used to even think of having botox in my armpits because I didn’t think there was anything else to help me. Until I came across Perspirex. This is a little miracle! 

It stopped any sweating whatsoever, no matter how hot it was. I’ve tried other deodorants and nothing has matched upto it! I tried their original formula when I was younger and now had the opportunity to try out their comfort formula. 

You apply this at nighttime right before you go to sleep, making sure it’s dry before putting your arms down. And that’s it! You apply it every night for a week and then after that it coukd be 2 to 3 times a week. You don’t need any other deodorants in between (unless you like the scent) as this does the job perfectly. 

With the original formula, it easily irritated my skin and found my underarms being a little sore. But with the comfort there was no irritation whatsoever. I highly recommend trying this one, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Definitely a must have in the summer! 
Thanks so much for reading! 

*contains gifted or pr sample but all opinions are definitely my own*


17 thoughts on “The Deodorant That Stops You Sweating! 

  1. I’m a really sweaty person. I actually had botox injected in both armpits. They have helped because I usually sweat a lot during the summer. I’ll have to try this!

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    1. That’s what I was considering too, this is definitely a cheaper option, I’ve also heard that your armpits can get used to it so it stops working eventually too (not sure if that is true or not though). Definitely worth trying for the price and it works straight away ❤


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