The Ultimate Festival Survival Kit (Also Perfect For Handbags)

It’s getting to that time of year again where festivals are in full swing! I have never been to one but have always wanted to go to Creamfields. I unfortunately hate camping with a passion and i really couldn’t brave the toilets. But if you are one of the brave bunch that will be going to a festival this year, this is the perfect kit for you. Like it says in my title it’s also perfect for your handbag which is what i’ll be using these for instead.

Screenshot_2016-06-30-19-48-48-02.jpegStarting off with two very well known products, Batiste and FemFresh. We all know how I’m a big fan of Batiste (aren’t we all though?!) and this cute little bottle is perfect to keep you going over the 3 or 4 days if you can’t wash your hair. This one is also Tropical Scented, perfect for those warm days. This is the first time I’ve ever tried FemFresh and can quite happily say I’ll be repurchasing. These will be great if you can’t grab a shower everyday or it’s hot and you just want to freshen up. These have been in my handbag since receiving them and even just using them after going to the loo, they’ve made me feel a lot fresher.

Screenshot_2016-06-30-20-03-06-01.jpegNext is a product I’ve tried before (review here), Code VLM. It’s a pretty good mascara, doesn’t smudge or budge and gives you a good amount of volume and length. This little mini is the perfect mascara to keep you going over the weekend and can easily pop it in your makeup bag after the festival is done!



Last products are little mini’s from Heal Gel. The pink one is for the face, with anti aging properties. This instantly lifts and plumps and will give you a smooth complexation if you decide to pass on the foundation. The green helps with redness (as well as scars and eczema with long term use) but these two combined will give you a gorgeous complexation as well as keeping it hydrated.


Thanks so much for reading!


*contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are definitely my own*




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