Homeware Haul

So seen as there’s nothing that’s really excited me in the beauty world, homeware has definitely taken my attention instead. This is a collective haul over the past couple of days. Let me know if you would like to see this sort of stuff more often as it’s not something I would normally post! & also, apologies for the photo’s, I don’t usually take home décor pictures!

Starting off with probably my favourites out of everything. On the left we have this handmade rustic candle holder/plaque. I got this from a seller at a car boot who makes unique one off pieces. His link is here if you’re interested in buying, I don’t know if he delivers or is just local to my area (Chesterfield, Derbyshire) but he does some gorgeous pieces. This was only £15, which I think is incredible for a handmade piece. On the right is a Terrarium from Tkmaxx. I’ve always wanted one of these, I think they’re so cute! This was only £15, I don’t really think it could be made much cheaper!

The next couple of items are from Tesco and as you can probably tell, I have a love for lanterns. They had a offer on 3 for 2 on certain items so I picked up the mini lantern on the left, the big on the right and the candle that’s in it. The lantern was about £15/20 and the others were about £3/4.

Next is another lantern! How cute is it?! This little house was from Tkmaxx and cost £5. It’s not little either so was a bargain! I thought this would look incredibly cute in Autumn/Winter! Then from B&M Bargains I picked up this Buddha head. I’m not religious but I’ve always had a fascination with Buddhism and love having Buddha’s around the house. This was only £4.

My lovely fiancé surprised me with this case from Tkmaxx! I don’t really know what I’m going to put in it, maybe products that I need to blog about, any ideas? Anyway, this was £17 and it’s gorgeous. At the car boot, there was a flower stall and I spotted these little Cacti. These we’re only £2.50 each and I love them so much! I’m not sure about the plant pots, may change them in the future but they’re a nice addition to the house.

These two were both from B&M Bargains. First is a little water fall with some LED lights and it’s so relaxing. Perfect addition for the middle of the fireplace, makes me so relaxed at night! Shower curtains aren’t usually something I get excited about but I’m a sucker for anything New York & Skyline related. My bathroom is a wet room (it’s council so I can’t change it) so I have to find ways to spruce it up a little. I don’t usually like bold shower curtains but I love this so much! This was about £6.

Last up we’re a couple of amazing finds. I picked up this plant pot from a charity shop for 99p. I didn’t really have any idea what it was going to be used for when I bought it, I just thought it was pretty. But then I went to Tesco and they had these flowers than we’re £1 just because they were in a football vase. So I purchased them and swapped the flowers over. Then whilst at the carboot their was this New York canvas that was in perfect condition for just £1. Snapped it up!


And that’s it guys, sorry it’s a long one! Thanks so much for reading!


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