Muertosmundo New Jewellery Releases

Muertosmundo is an UK based alternative accessories brand. I’m a huge sucker at heart for alternative jewellery, it’s always quite unique &  I think whatever your taste there’s always something to suit everybody from girly to rock chick. I sort of sit in the middle of these two, so I was definitely over the moon with the pieces I received.

Starting off with my two favourite products, rose earrings and a thin cord rose bracelet. These are absolutely perfect for summer, look at the shade of the earrings! I’m not a massive fan of small earrings (but I also don’t like them Pat Butcher big either), I like my studs quite large so they stand out. These are the perfect size for me and such a statement earring, without being too bold and keeping it girly. The thin cord bracelet is probably my favourite out of the bunch. You can adjust the size easily and it just looks so pretty and delicate on the wrist. A few of my favourite tattoo’s are on my wrist and I hate covering them with big bracelets so this is just perfect.

Next products are the necklaces. Here we have a large resin rose on a bronze chain and a thing cord bee necklace. The rose is pleasantly lightweight and would look amazing on anybody! The thin cord necklace is perfect for summer, I love having an accessory that you know is there but you can’t feel it, there’s nothing worse than a heavy necklace that you can feel constantly. My only tiny issue with the necklaces is the cord is a little too long. I could adjust the rose one myself but the bee one is a little more tough.

Screenshot_2016-06-30-20-09-21-01.jpeg Last product is this gorgeous map brooch. Now, I’m not a fan of brooches on clothes personally but this little guy has found his home on my new handbag and it’s holding out brilliantly. I’m sure this is made with a wooden base (I definitely could be wrong) but its a sturdy brooch as i chuck my bag around everywhere, not even a scratch on it. So if you are one for brooches on clothes, or bags for that matter, i highly recommend checking these out, they’re tough!

Thanks so much for reading, which is your favourite?


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