Batiste Original Review

I’ve tried a ton of scents from Batiste but this is actually my first time trying the original. With the festival season upon us, Batiste is going to be a must have. After all the other scents I’ve tried, I wasn’t expecting this to smell good, just do the job but I was pleasantly surprised! It smells so fresh which is exactly why it’s perfect for a festival, for when you’re feeling a little less fresh than usual.

Screenshot_2016-06-14-18-53-08-01As always, the formula is amazing and gets the job done in seconds. Batiste will always be my go to dry shampoo, so affordable which is good as I get through these quicker than anything. I’ve got to say though, I do prefer the packaging on this one than the rest (unless they come out with autumn/Christmas print, then I’m stock piling!), simple yet colourful.

What Batiste scent do you prefer?

Thanks so much for reading!

*contains gifted or Pr sample but all opinions are definitely my own*


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