Prestige Flowers Review

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers being delivered to your door? I do love having fresh flowers in the house, especially during Spring and Summer. Prestige Flowers are a company that I’ve already blogged for a while ago (around Christmas time) and they sent me an amazing bunch of flowers then. They’ve not disappointed this time either. They’re gorgeous.

Now, before I carry on with the review, I have looked up this company & the reviews are far from good. I personally haven’t had any problems with them at all & the staff have always been lovely over email but from what I could see there’s a lot of angry customers. But this review is about the product I received & how the company have been with me. Just bear in mind what I’ve said.

These are their New York Bouquet and it’s stunning. They added the perfect pop of colour to my fire place and couldn’t have been happier with them! They lasted a good week before having to throw them away, which I think is a good amount of time! There are so gorgeous for summer, I couldn’t stop staring at them! I think the quality of these, plus the vase are easily worth the price.

Aren’t they so pretty?

Thanks so much for reading!

*contains gifted or pr sample but all opinions are definitely my own*


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