Lipsticks Im Currently Loving – Including Lip Swatches

After all the lipsticks I’ve purchased recently, I thought it was time to share which ones I’m really in love with at the minute. These are all matte, I just find that creams don’t suit me that much, I definitely think matte looks a lot better! These are all drugstore and cost no more than ยฃ7/8.

PhotoGrid_1466170611442.jpgHere are the hand swatches, aren’t they pretty?!

Here’s my favourite out of the bunch. This is Unity by MUA Cosmetics. This is such an usual colour but it’s stunning! I’d say this was a grey toned lilac, I haven’t stopped wearing it! The formula is a little streaky so does require two coats but it layers fine. This baby is only ยฃ3, an absolute bargain. Do be careful with this shade though, unless you have crazy bleach white teeth it can definitely make them look off white.

Next is Shabby Chic by Sleek. This is a pink, but a dusky nude pink and it’s stunning! The formula for these lip creams are amazing and I need the rest of the shades! These do last all day except for in the middle of your lips but reapplying isn’t an issue.

Can Autumn just hurry up already please?! I’m dying to wear this shade more, Wine from Primark. Oh it’s so pretty. The absolute perfect shade for Autumn & Winter. I’m surprised at how long these stay put and they’re not drying at all. I can’t wait until they bring out more shades!

Next up is an actual lipstick! I rarely use these nowadays! This stunner is from Gosh in the shade Matt Rose. This is such a stunning shades and by far one of my favourites out of my whole lipstick collection. This is truly matte, non drying, lasts for a decent amount of time and smells incredible. Such a pretty pretty nude.

Last up is of course another Sleek lip cream but this time in Fired Up. Argh I can’t even describe how stunning this shade is. Such a beautiful dark red, I can’t get enough. It can be a bit patchy at times so sometimes might require two coats but it layers amazingly so it’s not a problem at all. Again, such an amazing formula and long lasting.

And that’s it guys! Which one is your favourite? Thanks so much for reading!



42 thoughts on “Lipsticks Im Currently Loving – Including Lip Swatches

  1. I love the Unity TOO!! It’s like a nude pink but, like you said, has a bit of grey. It’s different, which is why I like it! Bold enough but not too bold. Wish it was available in the U.S. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I can’t find it if it is.

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