Makeup, Skincare & Hair Haul

I think I need to go on a no buy. There’s been way too many hauls posted in the past few weeks! Anyway, this is a couple of trips shoved together, some I needed, some I didn’t. Excited to try everything out!

First are a couple of bits from L’oreal. They currently have a 3 for 2 offer on at boots and I needed a new True Match foundation so I picked up the True Match Super-Blendable Powder. I’ve used this a couple of times and it’s okay, not blown away by it. The last thing in the 3 for 2 was the Infallible Matte Max in Silencio. A lovely peach nude, quite impressed with the lasting power and ability to get sharp lines with the applicator. Last up from L’oreal is their Skin Perfection Micellar Water. I’ve had this before and my skin vastly improved. I’ve started getting the little bumps under the skin again so I’m hoping this will help sort it out.

Screenshot_2016-06-14-18-52-05-01.jpegNext I took a little trip to Wilko. These are exclusive to Wilko and incredibly cheap. On the left is Prime Of Your Life, a primer. It says it’s matte and light reflecting and for £3 I’m super excited to see how good it is. On the right is an Makeup Remover for sensitive skin. My problem with Micellar waters is when they get in my eyes they burn. So for 95p I thought I’d give this makeup remover a go.

Screenshot_2016-06-14-18-52-31-01.jpegNext is a the blending sponge from B. I personally don’t think anything will beat my Eliimo Beauty sponge but I haven’t repurchased one in a long time. I’ve tried different sponges and even Real Techniques don’t match up. The other sponges I’ve had  have all been way too hard and don’t expand at all. This beaut was on offer for £3.22 and I’ve already dampened it too see how it feels and expands and I think it’ll be amazing. I’ll keep you all updated to how it matches Eliimo.

Screenshot_2016-06-14-18-51-21-01.jpegPrimark again! I cannot get enough of their makeup range at the minute. This time I picked up their lipliner in Red and Velvet Matte Lip Crayon in Wine. I know i’m going to love these as I already own these but in different shades. That crayon in Wine is going to be Incredible for Autumn and Winter, it’s such a stunning colour. The lipliner was £1 and crayon £2.

Screenshot_2016-06-14-18-54-14-01.jpegNext was a quick trip to poundland. I’ve been after a backup of the Scandaleyes Eyeshadow stick in Bluffing for a while and finally found one! Whilst I was there I spotted this Rimmel Glitter Bomb polish in Midnight Mistletoe. It’s a Christmas polish so of course I had to have it!

Screenshot_2016-06-14-18-53-40-01.jpegI made a serious oopsie the other day and dyed my hair too dark. It was meant to be brown and ended up black and I bloody hate it. So I had to pick up some colour removers. I’m a bit scared as I have two separate brands (I went shopping and only picked up one then realising it wasn’t enough once I was home and couldn’t find the same brand) and they have different application times so it’ll be fun to see how this ends up! I’ve used strippers before and they shouldn’t damage your hair. If anyone wants a post doing about how to strip hair with photo’s etc, let me know and i’ll get it done whilst I do it this time, hopefully being my last!




Last up is just a bit of blogger mail I had to pick up from the post office. I’ve never used the Original Batiste so I’m excited to see how it compares to all their new releases. They’ll be a review on that by the end of the week.


Thanks so much for reading!


25 thoughts on “Makeup, Skincare & Hair Haul

    1. The primer isn’t really worth it, it’s quite greasy and can’t say it does much for longevity of your makeup. The Makeup remover is amazing! Doesn’t sting the eyes and causes no irritation at all, I really recommend it! ❤

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    1. I didn’t until I went in! They do a massive range for different skin types at really cheap prices. And the primer is good, it’s definitely illuminating! But I wouldn’t say it’s matte. I do have very dry skin and whack a good amount of moisturiser on beforehand so that could be a reason it’s not too matte for me, I dunno. It is a lovely primer though, keeps makeup in place all day! ❤

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  1. Primark lip liners are the absolute bomb for the price. I have one in a dark pink that they no longer sell and I missed out on the brown… But managed to get red too! I’ve also seen cute nail files and good essentials there… But hate the long queues for the till! X

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    1. I’m sure dark pink is the other one I own, they stopped selling it?! Thats one of my favourites 😦 the red is lovely isn’t it! & luckily I don’t live in a massive town so on weekdays it’s not too bad at all! Only around 2 people in the queue! ❤


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