Disappointing Palettes

I’m quite lucky and don’t actually own a lot of disappointing products. I only usually splurge one something I’ve wanted for a while (except for the one time I purchased a Benefit concealer palette without at least reading reviews, it was awful) and if I’m trying something new, it’s not a massive spend and I’ve usually heard something good about the product. These being the exception, nearly all of these (one was a present and one a pr sample) I bought without seeing any reviews or anything like that and was left a little disappointed.

Makeup Revolution- Fortune Favours The Brave


I’ve spoke about this already on my blog and in all honesty the one I was most looking forward to and the one that disappointed me the most. This is visually one of the most stunning palettes and it being a collaboration with Jane, I thought the quality would be the same if not better than Makeup Revolutions normal shadows. There are some shadows that don’t show up on the skin at all and most are just pure shimmer and barely any pigment. I have used it quite a lot and used the shades I think are good but it’s not worth the cash and it’s only £10.

Kiko All Stars Face Palette in 01 Pretty Rose


I haven’t tried many Kiko products so when i was sent a few as a pr sample I was super excited to try them out. I’d heard nothing about this collection so had no expectations whatsoever. I was still disappointed. At first glance, the palette looks stunning and the contour shade looks perfect for contour. It’s more cool toned so amazing for creating a shadow. Once applied on the face, it looks so strange. It left sort of a grey/orange shade on my face, i hated it. The highlighter was also crap. Hardly any pigment, blotchy and too much shimmer (or really tiny glitter), I don’t think this would look good on anybody. The only savour to this palette is the blush, it really is a gorgeous light shade that’s perfect for a natural look.

Clarins The Essentials Palette

wpid-screenshot_2015-11-20-19-10-22_1.jpgThis was a lovely present from my fella before Christmas last year. Whilst it has incredible matte shades, they’re some of the creamiest shades I own, the shimmers suck. They have a glitter also that sucks. This cost around  £35 and for the sake of 4 matte shades, not worth it. The first shade doesn’t even swatch. Nothing comes up on my finger or hand. Such a sweet & thoughtful gift(he knows I love my neutrals) but for the price, it sucks.

Cargo Shanghai Nights

IMG_20151107_194713.jpgI remember watching a YouTube video featuring a different palette from Cargo and it looked so pretty! So when i came across this palette in TkMaxx for £10 it was hard to turn down. But most of the shades are crap in all honesty. This is like the Clarins palette, mattes are better than shimmers. Which I find strange because aren’t matte formulas meant to be harder to get right than shimmers?! Anyway, some shades barley swatch and the ones that do are patchy, mattes aside. Again, I don’t want a full palette for matte shades!

Freedom Makeup Matte Bare


After all the raving I’ve done about Freedom Makeup I was expecting better. Now, this palette was only £2 on offer so for the price I really didn’t lose out on much at all. But it’s just annoying when you’ve got an expectation for the brand itself. After loving their Pro Arts palette and how amazing the quality was, I was expecting the same from this. But unfortunately the pigmentation just isn’t there. I own their shimmer palette which was the same size/price and that’s incredible but this really wasn’t worth the £2.


Thanks so much for reading!


20 thoughts on “Disappointing Palettes

  1. I was a little disappointed by Fortune Favours The Brave as well! It looks so beautiful, and a lot of the darker matte shades work quite well but some of them just aren’t as pigmented as I expected. It’s a shame as I love all my other MUR palettes. The formula is usually so good! Excellent post x

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    1. I know, it was so disappointing, can’t do a lot with a palette that looks beautiful haha. I agree, the brown to dark matte shades are the best but there’s a green that would barley even swatch! Thanks for reading! ❤

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    1. It really is a gorgeous palette and some shades are alright but they just don’t match up to Makeup Revolutions usual standard. They could have some so much better! Its annoying though cause I’ve yet to see a bad review!

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