Makeup I Suck At Applying

I think with being a beauty blogger, everyone expects you to know everything about every product and how to apply them. In reality (well for me anyway) that’s not true. There is some makeup I still struggle to apply even though I use it almost everyday! So here’s me fessing up to some of the makeup I struggle to apply.



Don’t we all? I’ll never understand how people can get it so perfect without any effort. For me, I gave up on that fad a while ago and usually just wear wings on the odd day as I do prefer myself with more natural makeup. As well as that, most of the time when I’m doing my makeup I have my 4 year old lad jumping around me like a lunatic, we all know we need silence and a steady hands for those wings. Kids and eyeliner are not a good combo.




This may seem like a strange one but no matter where I put my blush, how much or little, what different brushes I use I don’t ever feel blush looks okay on me. I use the bloody thing every day and I don’t understand what the hell I’m doing wrong. It can’t be that hard can it?! I don’t own a lot of blushers for that reason, I have high end and Β£1 blushers but none seem to look alright. Contour I can do, no problem but I suck at doing the most basic makeup ever.Β Help!



With how much lipsticks I’ve purchased over the past few months you’d think I was an expert at applying. Well I suck. Every time I overdraw my lips, it’s always accidental. I don’t know what it is, beforehand I used to be alright at it but since going on my lipstick splurges it’s like my hands don’t know what they’re doing. And don’t even get me started on applying red lipstick from the bullet, there’s not once in my life I’ve applied it successfully.

Is there anything you struggle with? Please tell me i’m not the only one with blush!

Thanks so much for reading!



49 thoughts on “Makeup I Suck At Applying

  1. Liner will be the death of me. Also, I tend to be a little heavy handed with the bronzer and blush if I’m distracted. And dark or bright lip colors, I feel like I look like toddler who ate it… not a 23 year old who should be able to apply it decently.

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  2. Just what I was thinking about myself all the time.. Eyeliner is still one of my biggest struggles and the blush always looks somehow wrong on me so I switched to contouring :DD
    But still I think you’re doing great! πŸ™‚

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  3. I have struggled with contouring my face; other people do it flawlessly but not me! It’s the place in makeup I need to work on more!
    I understand about the blush! I used to be absolutely awful at it, but I feel like I have gotten a little better at blush over the last couple of months. it’s still not perfect! Each side of the cheek is hardly even in color. My favorite blush is from Tarte; I find them really blendable! I would also recommend cream blushes because those are quite easy to use and you can blend them out good!


    1. Ah contouring can take some time so that’s understandable! And I’m really glad you’re on the same page as me regarding blush! And that’s a good idea, I do have quite a few cream blushers just sat being untouched. Gives me an excuse to whip them out. Thanks darlin! ❀ cxx

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  4. Totally with you on eyeliner, I suffer Kylie minogue eyebrow syndrome, so one eyelid is lovely and taut for a perfect application (like that happens!) and the other looks like I’ve drawn the worst line which ends up thicker and wobbly because my skin pulls and just goes everywhere. Lol needless to say that’s my ‘bad side’. Lipstick I’m the same and like you when applying the matte me sleek it’s easy and hard to remove the mistakes! Blusher I’m ok with, I find it easy to work in once you’ve applied contour and highlight – it seems to melt in easier to the look I find. Mascara is my other one! GOES ALL OVER THE LIDS! πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ

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    1. Haha we all have a good side when it comes to brows! And that’s what I tend to do but I feel like it tends to look like a huge mess on my cheek once blush is applied! And mascara! I forgot about that, I always always get it on my lids, no matter how careful I am! Its soo annoying!

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      1. lol it seems a lot of us aren’t alone in the sinking ship of make up application – but that’s why the God of the make up world created wipes, baby lotion and cotton buds…or Q tips as some people call them πŸ˜‚

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  5. I used to have a hard time with lining my eye with a pen or really anything. However, I came across Beauty Blender’s liner.designer. I love it. It honestly has made it much easier. It comes with a magnifier that you can suction onto your mirror at home (suction cup included). I used to struggle with feeling that my blush looked good. I remember comments when I was in eight grade. Try Tarte’s products. Their cheek tint in ‘exposed…’ ughhh… I love it. Let it sit on your skin for a second after applying it to the apple of your cheek. Then use your fingers to gently move it like a watercolor paint. The trick is to evenly set and move the cheek stain on the apple of your cheek. Not the side of the stick. That or use your fingers on the stain stick and then apply it. Let me know if you try it and like it. Also, Hourglass blush has a nice natural blush. It’s a lot about brush size for the blush brush. I was told to use Sephora’s ‘pro contour’ brush for both contouring and blush because my face is small. I was very hesitant but I want to thank their great advice now.


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  6. I have a love-hate relationship with the eyeliner too. Sometimes I apply it perfectly without a problem (extremely rarely), other times, it’s a total mess (quite often xD ).
    As for the “basics”, I can’t paint my nails AT ALL. I’ll sooner manage to paint my elbows! It’s a total tragedy :’D

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  7. Yessss, someone who feels my pain with not only eyeliner but with lipstick, I’ve always struggled making my lips even and I just look ridiculous so I stick with really nude shades so you can’t tell if I’ve done a bad job haha! X

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