Primark Contour Sticks-First Impression

Almost every product I’ve purchased from Primarks Beauty Range Ps.. I’ve loved. I think Primark do some wonderful products at incredible prices. I went there a few days ago and picked up some more bits to try (post here). The products I was most excited to try was these cream contour and highlight sticks. They were only £3 so I wasn’t expecting a lot but these are bloody brilliant!


You get 3 crayons, Highlighter, Bronze & Shade and a sharpener. These feel like butter when applied to the skin, they’re highly pigmented but blend like an absolute dream.

Screenshot_2016-06-07-20-18-49-01The shades themselves are perfect for contour. The contour shade is a little on the dark side for me(I use it slightly deepen the contour at the back) though but the bronze works perfectly. It’s not warm, more neutral to cool so it works for bronzer and contour. The highlight shade is too dark for under the eyes but this is the perfect shade and shape for sharpening up my brows and giving a natural highlight.

For £3 which makes them £1 a crayon, these are an absolute bargain. These seem to have a better formula than my Clinique Chubby Stick and that cost £22 (I think, was around there). There’s not a single contour product I own that I think are better than these. The product lasted all day on my face without going over with powder contour too.

Has anyone else tried these yet?! If you get a chance to nip to Primark/Penny’s please pick these up and let me know what you think!

Thanks so much for reading!


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