First Impressions- Gravitate 30 Day Weight Loss Starter Kit

With us being officially in summer, who is regretting not working out and getting in shape for winter?!  That’s where Gravitate come in with their 30 Day Weight Loss Starter Kit. This includes 60 Tablets of Supersculplt, which is a hunger suppressant and  3-DietVits, vitamins perfect for a low calorie diet.


These have all natural ingredients and are stimulant free, so no dodgy side effects or heart palpitations! With me gulping through 3 energy drinks (sugar & calorie free of course) a day and coffee on top of that I really don’t need any added caffeine. They’ve also become ranked as approved by Dietpill Reviews and have the No2 spot. If you take a look they have the correct ingredients for effective and guaranteed weight loss.

I’ve been using these for a couple of weeks and I’m really impressed so far. Like I say with any diet products, they’re not magic and you do need to work out & eat healthy to see the full benefit. At the minute due to a medical problem, I cant work out to the best of my ability. But for the past couple of weeks  I was able to so I can still give a good first impression, then after we can see how they did on their own with lack of exercise!

They do work, the Supersculpt is great and makes you feel full quite quick, I did notice I was eating quite a bit less. The DietVits are amazing, I never get my vitamins in at all so taking these I felt so much better within myself exercise and healthy eating aside. I think these are perfect for those looking to get fit quick, they’re such a great pair.

Their site is here and they also offer a 35 day money back gurantee which is always a bonus for if it doesn’t work for you(it will).

Thanks so much for reading guys!



4 thoughts on “First Impressions- Gravitate 30 Day Weight Loss Starter Kit

    1. If you’re taking appetite suppressants for a month your body should be able to used to the amount of food that it’s eating. Obviously being a healthy amount 🙂 hope this helps! Also other diet pills will just make you drop weight quicker, when you come off them you’ll still be able to maintain your weight 🙂 ❤


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