The £18.00 Dry Shampoo. Is It Worth It?

I’ve had this product for a while from Paul Mitchell from the Bloggers London Fashion Collaboration and I lightly touched upon this product, Dry Wash. I was lucky enough to receive a bunch of their stuff to try and have to admit I didn’t have time to look at the prices before review. I really do love this stuff and it was my favourite out the bunch but when I saw the price at £17.95 I was in shock! I didn’t even realise any brand sold dry shampoo for that much! So is it worth it?


No. Don’t get me wrong, I bloody love this dry shampoo! It doesn’t leave any white marks and leaves your hair feeling like it’s just been washed and dried. I’ve been reaching for this over Batiste and I have to say a little goes a long way. I can use up a bottle of Batiste in a few weeks! It’s a 252ml so a decent size and is suitable for all hair colours.

At the very most I would probably pay a tenner for this but definitely not the £20 mark. The only way I’d pay that much for a dry shampoo was if one application lasts 3 days! I think I have around half a bottle left and I’m really going to miss it once it’s gone but I can’t justify almost £20 on one bottle of dry shampoo when Batiste is not too far behind with the quality for a few quid a bottle (if found on offer).

They’re quite a pricey brand, their hairspray is £16.25 & hair serum is £26.50. I mean the quality is incredible and you can tell they are a high end brand but I just don’t think any product can justify the prices!

What do you guys think, is my inner bargain hunter getting the better of me or is this just too much?

Thanks so much for reading!




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