Another Little Haul, Not Just Liquid Lipsticks!

Are you all fed up with them yet?! At least you don’t have to endure another post full of liquid lipsticks (this does include one so I don’t think it’s that bad!). I didn’t have anything in mind when i went shopping so these bits were just picked up along the way.

I’ll start with the few bits i picked up from Primark. I went in there the other day and noticed a single pack of Contour sticks on a random shelf. I went to look for them and couldn’t see them at all. I finally found them today all tucked away and for £3 (including a sharpener too), I thought they were definitely worth a try.

I’ve recently started getting into baking my under eyes (to stop the creasing as my eye bags are a bugger) and find that it works really well for me. With doing this almost everyday I’m quickly running out of powder. I spotted this and for only £2 it’s worth a shot. The colour is a lot brighter on the skin than in the tub so I’m excited to see if this will highlight also.

Screenshot_2016-06-07-20-15-42-01.jpegI’ve been meaning to pick up some face wipes for a while now, not to use on a regular basis but for when I can’t be arsed to use Micellar water and for when I’m out and about and I get fed up of wearing lipstick or have to take it off and reapply. These we just £1 for 2 packs, I’ve already used a couple tonight on my face and they weren’t scratchy, didn’t leave it try so seems all good so far!

I did also pick up their L.A 03 Body Mist which was only £3 for 150ml (I forgot to take a individual photo, sorry!). From what I’ve tried I do really like their sprays and perfume and they’re definitely cheap enough to just shove in your bag for everyday use. And my fella also treated me to some Star Wars Pj’s which are super cute & comfy.

Now onto an absolute beauty of a product. This is the Rosie For Autograph Cream Eyeshadow Stick in Feline Fox. When I first saw the releases of this collection, I fell in love. Then after a while I forgot this collection existed! So as I was on the way to Primark, M&S are next door and I suddenly remembered! I’ve only swatched this so far but it’s the creamy eyeshadow I’ve ever had the pleasure of swatching, I can’t wait to use it! This did cost £12.50 so it’s up there in price, I definitely think it will be worth it though. I’m also eyeing up a eyeshadow quad which was sadly sold out today.


This has been a product I’ve been on the fence with getting. I’ve picked them up so many times but put them back down as the colours were lovely but I just wasn’t wowed by them. I finally just sucked it up and got one to try. This is the shade 07 Nude-Ist. It’s a little more bright and pink than I would prefer my nudes but it’s still a lovely colour so I’m excited to give it a whirl.

Last up is a product from Makeup Revolution. This is their Ultra Brow Arch & Shape. I picked this up on a whim not knowing what it would be like. This reminds me of the Soap And Glory Archery Brow Tint which was a favourite product of mine. That was £10 to buy and this was only £3.50 so we’ll have to see how they compare!

Thanks so much for reading!



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