The New Trend- Glitter Lips UK

I’ve seen these popping up quite a lot recently and I think they look amazing, if you’re brave enough to wear them! The brand I’m specifically reviewing today is Glitter Lips UK. I have seen this brand more than a few times on Instagram and has been used by Binky Felstead from Made In Chelsea (how amazing is this series so far btw?!).


The shade I’ve got is Ruby Slippers which is a gorgeous post-box red. I do love my matte red lips but sometimes you have to go all out with the glitter. Honestly guys, I’ll be wearing this when i go Christmas shopping this year & I cannot wait! Normal people on the other hand can wear these on nights out with the girls, these would look incredible. They do a wide range of colours so you can wear these to festivals/concerts too. In fact screw it, you wear them wherever you want! On a date if you like, they are kiss proof! If you feel like wearing glitter lips, you wear them. Even mid week in the middle of the day at home!


In this kit, you get a Gloss, Glitter and a double sided applicator with a brush and sponge applicator. The process is all really easy and the Gloss (glue) is incredible. It holds glitter insanely well. When I say this product is kiss proof I mean it, the glitter does not budge from the lips, no matter how long you wear it. You have to remove with beauty oil and it’s still a little tricky then. This will last you all day/night from application.


Doesn’t it give amazing coverage?! My only little niggle with this is it’s so hard to get clean, sharp lines, I really did struggle (as you can probably tell from the photo). I do think a lip liner or lipstick underneath would makes it look that little (also giving you the option to overline) better but you definitely don’t need it for the coverage. (left photo product worn alone, right with lipstick &please ignore my swollen lip, I’ve just re pierced it)

The thing that most worried me about trying this product was if it dried out the lips and how comfortable it would be to wear. The feeling is a little odd on the lips at first as it’s just pure glitter but i got used to it after a couple of minutes. And there wasn’t really that much dryness. I’ve had liquid lipsticks that was dryer than these. Trying this product I’ve had it on for hours, to see how it wears and feels etc and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

The expiration for these are 24 months (I doubt the glitter will ever go off to be honest) so if you’re not a regular glitter wearer, you don’t have to worry about it going off within 6 months and using every opportunity to wear it just to use it up.

These are available from Beauty Boulevard, This Is Beauty Mart and selected Supererdrug stores.

What do you all think to these? Would you wear these? Thanks for reading!

*contains gifted or pr item but all opinions are definitely my own*




30 thoughts on “The New Trend- Glitter Lips UK

  1. This looks wonderful on you! I would not be brave enough to wear this (maybe on New Years Eve, Christmas, or a costume party) , though, haha! Great review!

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