£1.45 Liquid Lipsticks-Swatches & Review

I’m always up for a good bargain, so I when I came across these liquid lipsticks for £.145 each on eBay, I thought it was worth giving them a shot to see what they’re like. It would only be a tiny loss if they sucked.

I think the brand of these are M.N Me Now. They’re packaged as Long Lasting Lip Gloss but they’re not at all. I’ll do the swatches and then get into the reviews.

This first one is just the shade 02, a nice light/nudeish pink. I’d say the finish with this is velvet as it’s not completely matte but definitely isn’t glossy.

This is shade 01, a orange toned nude. More orange than nude but very petty non the less. This has a completely matte finish.

Now, onto if they’re actually any good or not. I like them! I have to say, for the price they’re not that bad at all. The texture of these are very light, sort of like a cheap Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream. The scent is very chemically but there is a hint of something sweet in there too so it’s not the worst scent ever!

With the finishes, 01 has a completely matte, kiss proof finish. It doesn’t budge, isn’t overly drying  and its just gorgeous. Surprisingly my favourite shade out of the two. 01 is a little different. It has a slight sheen to it and has quite a sticky finish. But with a lip liner underneath it seems to get rid of the stickiness. This is again kiss proof and you have to use a beauty oil to get them both off.

I think I might be purchasing a few more of these in all honesty, I’d like to try darker shades, especially red to see how they hold up, but I’m pretty impressed!

Have you guys ever found a little gem on eBay? Would you guys be interested in a little series of eBay finds? Thanks for reading!


43 thoughts on “£1.45 Liquid Lipsticks-Swatches & Review

  1. I’ve been debating on buying these for a while now, after this review I’m deffinitley going to give them a go! X


      1. You could say I’m once bitten, twice shy 😂 I stick to BeautyBay, FeelUnique, Boots, etc for my beauty buys. I’ll definitely follow you on your shopping sprees so that I know what to look out for. Gotta love liquid lippies (I bought three today 😅) 💃🏾😂❤️xoxo


      2. I need to add those to my collection! 😍 I also wish that more American brands were more easily available in the UK. Possible customs charges can be a real pain 🙈😂 xo


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