Beauty Without Surgery – First Impressions

Aren’t we all waiting for that miracle product to come out that can give the results of surgery without going under the knife? Well with Transformulas, they are that one step closer. I have a 2 products from their range The Line Filler and Arm Lift . And I just want to apologise about my pictures, these products have the most reflective silver packaging and it was so hard to get a photo without my reflection in it!

I’ll start with the Arm Lift first. This is a treatment that’s aimed at ‘bingo wings’ and claims to sculpt, firm and tackle uneven pigmentation. I really had no hope that this would work at all. I just don’t believe that a cream can do something going to the gym is meant to achieve. But I’m honestly so shocked at how much I love this. This instantly makes your skin look more even, toned and lifted. I swear it’s magic in a tube. It also refreshes and leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft. I’m going to keep testing this out for another few weeks and will get back to you with a full review for the long term results.


Now onto the Line Filler. This was the product i actually had hope in and really thought it would work. Again, this is meant to be used as a treatment too to help with fine lines and wrinkles but is also meant to instantly give you line-filled perfection. Ah, I don’t know about that. I have noticed little to no difference when I’ve applied this and the biggest downfall for me was it burned like an absolute bugger when I placed it under my eyes. I do have sensitive eyes, so it might not be like that for everyone but burning it did go away after a minute or so. Again, I’ll keep using this and post the results if there is any difference. This can also be used as an eyeshadow primer, which it does work amazingly for. It is colourless, so not one for covering veins etc. but its quite tacky so your shadows stay put.

Do you guys think these will work? Thanks for reading!

*contains gifted or pr sample but all opinions are definitely my own!*




9 thoughts on “Beauty Without Surgery – First Impressions

  1. Interesting. I would be just as skeptical about something trying to do what you can usually only achieve at a gym. I can’t wait to read your update in a few weeks to see if you have seen improvement or not with the arm cream. Maybe you should snap some before and after pics!

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    1. Oh wow well done to your sister! ❤ and it temporarily gives the look of a more toned look and even skin, I think it if works more long term it would definitely benefit but for the price if it doesn’t do anything dramatic long term I don’t think it’ll be worth it. It’s £40 a tube so if it doesn’t make a difference long term that’s a lot of cash to be spending just for a temporary look. If that makes any sense at all haha xxx

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