Mirena Coil – My Terrible Experience


These sorts of topics aren’t something I usually talk about but I feel I need to let people know what the Mirena Coil did to me.

When I was 19 I had my son and that’s when the problems started. I had abdominal pains, irregular bleeding and the like. So I went to the doctors and they couldn’t find anything wrong. They suspected I had endometriosis so I had the Mirena Coil fitted which is meant to ease symptoms. Then I had surgery to see if they could find endometriosis and it turned out I had a cyst covering 3 quarters of my ovary (don’t know how they missed that with a scan) but no endometriosis.

3 years later and crazy tests including being put into temporary menopause and things have gone from bad to worse. I had abdominal pains daily, sometimes ones that are worse than labour pains. I could wake up with them or just simply walking or hoovering could set it off. I was starting to worry I’d got cervical cancer too as I showing all the symptoms (I’d got turned down for a smear). I couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t see what was wrong. I’d even been tested for other things such as IBS but they just couldn’t figure it out.

Anyway going back a good week or so from today, I had my coil removed as me and the fella are trying for a baby and my symptoms have vanished. Completely gone. I’ve had one stomach ache and one back ache (presumably from the bleeding from the removal) and that’s it. Usually by now I’ve had abdominal pains every day but I haven’t had one. So I’m pretty sure that before I had the coil put in it was the cyst causing my pain and since having the cyst removed it’s been the coil.

I’m never ever having one again! I regret not having it taken out a lot earlier but I was scared my symptoms would worsen rather than get better (as it was there to help, not hinder). Now I’m not saying this is going to be like this for everyone because I’ve gone all over the Internet and I’ve only seen one story of a lady who had bad symptoms for around a year but after that it’s meant to settle down.

I just wanted to post my story because doctors don’t tell you any of the downsides to this and I’ve had about 3 and a half years of agony because of this thing.

If you are considering getting a Mirena Coil just make sure you weigh the pros and cons up!

Thanks so much for reading guys ❤


33 thoughts on “Mirena Coil – My Terrible Experience

  1. Wow! I had never even heard of this! holly!! I am so sorry for what you had to go through…. what were the symptoms of your cyst on your ovaries other than abdominal pain (if you don’t mind me asking) Excellent post btw!

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    1. It’s crazy isn’t it! And not at all darlin, I had bleeding in between my periods, pain during & after sex, bleeding after and agony during my periods. Hope this helps ❤ Thanks so much for reading and your kind words! ❤

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      1. Wow!! I am so sorry you had to go through that. I am kind of upset that your doctors didn’t see the cyst in a scan? I hate to take extreme measures but if the cyst was that big you should consider legal action. I would! that’s crazy…

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      2. I’d actually thought about it to be honest but because it was around 3 years ago I thought it was a bit too late. I honestly don’t know how they missed it, after that I didn’t have the greatest trust in them!

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      3. Yah I am not sure what the legal rights are behind that but your post is great advice! I will most certainly be getting a second opinion for procedures like this. I am sending you lots of positive vibes!! Xx. parpar

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  2. Doctors need to hold back on prescribing oral contraceptives they have awful side effects. It seems they hand out prescriptions for oral contraceptives like candy.
    got acne ? Go on the pill
    Endometriosis ? Go on the pill
    Heavy or painful periods ? Go on the pill
    Don’t want to get pregnant? Go on the pill
    They are drugs plain and simple and they have dangerous side effects .
    I had endometriosis and painful periods and despite being told to go on the pill I chose to treat it with herbs instead. Better to stay away from as many toxins as we consciously can 🍃

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    1. I completely agree, they give them out without mentioning the side effects. When I had the coil I was just told it was painful to put in and that’s it. They need to be more informative at least if they’re going to hand them out easy. And I’m glad it’s working for you ❤

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      1. It is ✨I’m so glad I refused the pills when I did my sister had the coil put in and she was miserable throughout with one symptom after another and it was awfully painful getting it out as well 😳


  3. I think contraceptives are of course so helpful but so scary / dangerous. I’ve heard of coils getting lost and that was enough to petrify my off every wanting one. I’ve known many people who have gained ridiculous amounts of weight with the implant and I’ve just chosen to stick with the pill despite it also scaring me as it increases cancer rates! Thanks for sharing your story and the best of luck with getting pregnant again!!

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    1. After having mine removed I read about stuff like that too, if I’d have read if before I definitely wouldn’t have got one! And yeah I’ve heard that about the implant too :/ and I didn’t know that about the pill either, bloody hell there’s so many negatives to all of these. I don’t think I want the pill now either haha. Thank so much darlin! ❤

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  4. Thanks for sharing this with us. It’s quite personal but I’m sure a lot of us will relate. When I was having lots of menstrual pain, the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with me (no cysts, no endometriosis) and their only option was to give me birth control. I decided to seek an alternative and tried Acupuncture and herbal medicine instead…BEST DECISION EVER! Acupuncturists believe that periods should have minimal to no discomfort and I thought it was impossible until I felt it for myself. I highly encourage everyone to try it!
    Good luck conceiving!!!

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  5. I used to be on microgyn which was amazing but I went for my annual check up and my doctor changed my pill. So now I don’t take any birth control as I was put on Cerazette a year ago and it made me so unwell I ended up in hospital with a huge cyst on my ovary. Anyway just be careful when taking oral conception 🙂 zxx

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    1. Oh gosh there’s so many negatives to all of them! Glad you’re feeling better though darlin, it’s crazy what they can do! Thanks so much for the advice, I think I’ll have to go on trial periods with different ones haha. ❤


  6. I’ve actually had a pretty positive experience with the Mirena, aside from tender breasts and stomach cramps when I would normally be due on my period (I no longer have them) it’s been pretty good. Looks like I have been quite lucky! I do hate the way that birth control affects my body however, and I know that I would probably be much happier without any sort of hormonal intervention but I just don’t want to risk getting pregnant before we’re ready to. Wish there were more options out there for us females! Thanks for the great post- it’s nice to see people unafraid to discuss these sorts of things! L x

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    1. Aw that makes me happy to read, it’s nice to hear someone have a positive experience! As long as it works for you, that’s all that matters! I really wish it did work for me, not having to remember to take anything and having it last for 5 years is perfection, such a shame. Thanks so much for reading darlin! ❤

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  7. When you’re ready to go back onto birth control again, don’t get the implant either. I had one for a year, had a period the entire time, and got a huge cyst from it so had to have the implant and cyst removed. Some birth control is just so bad for your body! 😦

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    1. Oh that sounds terrible! I don’t know how you stuck at it for a year! Thanks for the advice darlin, I think I’ll just go on the pill in all honesty, seems to be the one that does least damage haha. Glad you’re all better ❤

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      1. Yeah I’ve been on Microgynon since October and it’s honestly amazing. As long as you remember to take it every day/take two if you forget one day, then it cuts down periods apart from slight spotting sometimes, and I never get cramps or clotting from it. Would definitely recommend! ❤

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  8. I had the Mirena also and had so many problems. I was in constant pain and I was on my period for months. I finally had them take it out. It was horrible. I will never have another one.

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