My Brows & The Products I Use

Unfortunately for me, i was blessed with crappy brows. They’re naturally straight and don’t compliment my face at all. But I’ve managed to find products for me that can achieve arched brows (sort of, i don’t like them crazily arched) and look quite natural, even with the arch being just product on bare skin.


These are the brows I wear on a daily basis. Well, I try and make them look like this on a daily basis haha. I try not to make them look too sharp as I do like a natural looking brow with shape, so the lines aren’t sharpened with concealer or anything like that. As you can see right at the top of my arch, there’s no hairs there. There’s actually barely any on the arch at all, only some at the bottom. In real life you can’t tell at all that there’s no hairs.

So if you’re like me and you have to pretty much draw your brows on or you have sparse brows, these products are perfect for you. There’s never an excuse for sharpie brows 😉


First up, the product that outdoes every other brow powder/palette is the Kiko Milano Hi-Brow Expert.

img_20160204_172607-01.jpegThis palette is just incredible. The pigmentation is great, the tones in the powder are perfect, not too cool but far from warm. The shade I have (I got this sent me to review ages ago) is deep brunette to black haired, so the highlight powders in this are a little too dark for me but I just use them as eyeshadows. The brush is pretty decent too actually, very small and sharp so its perfect for little brush strokes or sharp edges.

But these are the brushes I use on a daily basis. White and pink one is the UBU 31 and the black on is the standard angled brush from Wilko (I think it cost me £1/2!) No matter how many  washes these brushes have had, they stay sharp and firm, although flexible, and are the perfect brushes to do brows with.


Next up is a new addition. This isn’t necessary in the slightest, I add this before I add any powder so it’s stops me using as much and makes the brows look less heavy. This isn’t good for sharp lines at all but it has helped my brows look that little bit more natural.

And thats it! Have any of you got reccomendations for brow products? Thanks for reading!


25 thoughts on “My Brows & The Products I Use

  1. You look beautiful. My favorite brow powders are the powder and pomade from Root. I have talked a lot about them on my blog. For something in the UK I would suggest Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse. It lasts for ages and has an amazing texture.

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