BarryM-New Makeup Releases-Swatches & Review

I’m so excited to share these beauts with you! Their makeup this year is spot on and they’ve released some bloody gorgeous stuff. Like I’ve said before a lot of people know BarryM for their polishes(rightly so as they are amazing) but their makeup is definitely on par with their polishes. I’m blown away with this release.

Lets start off with my favourite products, Illuminating Strobe Creams in the shades Frosty Pink & Iced Bronze. These give the most incredibly gorgeous glow. If you’re looking for a ‘highlight you can see from space’ this isn’t the product for you. The intensity can be built up but I think the purpose for these is to create a natural glow. I did find that gliding it along my cheekbones took away my foundation so I apply it to the back of my hand and use my finger to dab it on. I’ve used these every single day since receiving them, I’m in love!

This is the Hide and Chic palette containing a bronzer, 2 blushers and 2 highlighters. The bronzer in this is gorgeous not too cool and not too orange so it’s perfect for adding some colour to the face. The blushers were the downfall for me. One is an orange with a gold sheen and the other is a glittery pink. I personally don’t like anything other than matte blushers so I wont get any use out of these. But I do love the highlighters. One is shimmery and one is matte. The shimmery one is perfect to set your cream highlight on your forehead, nose and chin just for that extra glow. The matte is a little too dark for me so I use this as an eyeshadow base. If this palette had a matte blusher it’d be amazing!

Another favourite of mine is up next. Their new shades of lip liners. I didn’t swatch the white one as it was pretty much clear but this is the Lets Be Clear Lip Fixer. This is to stop feathering and can also be used to fill in lines on the lips for a smoother appearance. I love this, it really does work. I’ve been on a red lipstick hype recently so this has come in very handy!

The next 3 are brand new shades to their lip liner range and they’re stunning. The perfect nudes. When I’ve taken a day off of wearing red, Rose has been my go to dark nude lip. They’re so creamy and stay put all day so perfect to wear alone without lipstick on top.

These lip oils smell insane! That’s one of many reasons I love applying them. The white one is Coco Loco and the red is Berry Good. As you can probably guess, the white smells like coconut and the red smells like berry. These are lovely and hydrating but are a little sticky which is to be expected. As you can see from the swatches, the white is clear and the red has the tiniest bit of colour but I wouldn’t say it’s noticeable on the lips. If I were you just pick which scent you like most!

This is the last product and it’s amazing! I just wish it came in more shades! This is It’s A Brow Thing in medium . As you can see from the swatch, it’s very dark. The formula for this is great, it doesn’t move all day. Just make sure you apply this with an angled brush, the applicator makes it a little hard to get a defined brow. It’s just too dark for me, I tried it on the end of my brows as I prefer to have a little depth there but it was still too dark. If they come out with more shades this product would be spot on. It really doesn’t budge once it’s on.

Thanks so much for reading! Have you guys got your hands on any of these yet?

*this post contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are definitely my own!*


20 thoughts on “BarryM-New Makeup Releases-Swatches & Review

      1. I don’t mind the feel of it but I hate the taste. It makes me feel a bit ill lol. I can’t use it. But I like the look of the highlighters and the white lip pencil to stop my lipstick bleeding☺ x

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