The £2.95 Miracle Lip Balm?!


I’m addicted to matte lipsticks, I wear them almost everyday. So they can get a bit dry from time to time. And I can be quite forgetful when it comes to applying lip balm.

That’s until I came across this Blistex Intensive Moisturiser in a magazine which they highly rated. They said it only needed to be applied once a day and your lips would stay hydrated all day. And for only £2.95,what was there to lose in trying it? So I went to Superdrug to pick it up.

I have to say it’s okay. It’s definitely does not keep your lips hydrated all day from one application. Because this is a moisturiser, it has the consistency of that. It doesn’t take long to come off your lips as with an actual balm it’s a little more sticky so doesn’t come off so easy. Also, the tube is tiny, just 5g. I mean, you only have to use a small amount because if you use too much you end up with a white film over your lips, which nobody wants so might last a little while but I can’t see it lasting over a month if that.

Overall it’s okay for the price but it’s definitely not the miracle product the magazine made it out to be.

Does anybody have any recommendations for a good lip balm? I’m really enjoying the BarryM lip oils but they are very shiny &  slightly sticky and sometimes I just want a balm with a nice sheen.

Thanks guys!


11 thoughts on “The £2.95 Miracle Lip Balm?!

  1. So I have an absolutely ridiculous suggestion but have you heard of 3Lab Lip Balm? I saw youtuber Tati (Glamlifeguru) review this as part of her expensive products series (appropriately titled WTF) and it was supposed to be pretty amazing. The ridiculous part??? $55 for a tube 😱

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    1. Yes I watched that video too, I was actually thinking about that when I was writing this review haha. But I can’t justify spending that much on a lip balm! (also don’t know if available in the uk). My lips aren’t incredibly dry that I need to apply it all the time or need a heavy duty one just one where an application will last more than a few hours because I’m forgetful haha. Thanks so much for the suggestion though! ❤

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