BarryM Summer Collection- Swatches & Review

BarryM have done it again and released another amazing collection! I honestly don’t think there’s anything they can release that I don’t like. Their summer collection also includes the Coconut Infusion Collection, which I’ve swatched and reviewed here. I have the whole summer collection including makeup, I still think I’m going to do a video(there will be a blog post too soon) on these so this post is just for nail polish. Close up of the products can be found here, trust me you want to look, they have some incredible releases! Anyway, lets crack on with the nail polishes.

Molten Metal Nail Paints

This was the range I was most excited to try out, they look incredible! And they really didn’t disappoint. These are 4 shades based on gorgeous metals and they are so eye catching it’s crazy. Each polish is stunning, the only one they’re missing is rose gold! Keeping my fingers crossed for Autumn/Winter releases. Each swatch is 2 coats no topcoat.

Copper Mine


This is my favourite from the bunch and the one I find most flattering on my skin tone. Isn’t it pretty! I think this will get worn most during Autumn, it’s the perfect shade.

Gold Digger


This one is probably the least flattering with my skin tone. I have cool toned skin, so therefore silver suits me better. It’s incredibly bright and would look amazing on darker skin tones. I think this will look gorgeous in some tribal nail art with black and pastel green!

Silver Lining


This one I absolutely love! It’s more of a gun metal than silver which I think is much more flattering than bright silver. This shade is the sun is almost blinding it’s that pretty. Definitely one you need to own.

Bronze Bae


Last one from the Molten Metals is this gorgeous bronze. This stands out so much on your nails, with these polishes, who needs jewellery eh! They’ve made another brilliant collection a little different from what BarryM usually releases but I love it!

Superdrug & Boots Limited Editions

These polishes are some of the most gorgeous released by BarryM so make sure you get your hands on them whilst they’re still available. I might have to pop in to boots and grab a couple of back ups!

Golden Sands


This is my favourite polish out of their whole summer collection (except for Laguna from their Coconut Infusion Collection),available only in Boots. Look at those golden flakes! This would suit any skin tone and makes your nails pop, especially in the sun. This has more of a silk/velvet finish to it rather than glossy, which I think makes the gold pop even more but if you’re one for a glossy finish then shove a topcoat on.

Beachy Keen


This is the last Boots exclusive. This one really doesn’t suit my skin tone, its a warm caramel nude. It is a gorgeous colour but would probably suit someone who either has warm toned skin or isn’t as white as a ghost!

Festival Fever


This is another favourite which is a Superdrug Exclusive. This also has gold flakes/shimmer running through it and oh, it’s just so pretty. This has the same finish as Golden Sands, which again makes the gold pop but shove a topcoat on if it’s not your sort of finish.

Carnival Couture


The last from the exclusive Superdrug releases. This is a grey/beige colour, quite hard to describe but it’s a lovely alternative to a nude. This does have a silver sheen to it but it is hard to see, even on the nails. It’s a stunning colour.

Lolly Gloss

Last up from the summer collection is their Limited Edition Lolly Gloss range. These are sheer jelly polishes which can be used as a sheer polish or layered up to create a squashy/glossy finish. Also cool to create pond nail art(also known as a jelly sandwich I believe?), which I’ve seen so many on Instagram already created with these polishes. These are also scented and smell like candy!

Pink Candy


First up is this lovely bright pink. This is 3 coats (as are all the swatches) and these were surprisingly easy to build up. On the ring finger is an example of the pond mani, just simple white dots being layered in between polish.

Purple Pop


I’m really not happy with this photo! My camera refuses to pick up any purple and always shows it as blue, I’ve tried my best to edit it to look like the actual colour but it’s still a little too blue toned. This polish is a deep purple and more opaque than what this picture represents. This shade will be perfect for autumn and Halloween mani’s!

Orange Fizz


This shade just makes me happy. A perfect bright orange, absolute perfection in one polish. This one was the sheerest out the bunch but still gives pretty decent build up for 3 coats. I love it!

Cherry Drop


And the final polish! A perfect girly deep pink. This again is one of the most sheer but still just as gorgeous as the rest.


And that’s it guys! Which one would you wear? Thanks so much for reading!

*contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are definitely my own!*


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    1. Just wait for them to reach out to you 🙂 if you’re in the UK you can go on and register with them, that gives you the opportunity to apply for collaborations. But brands will eventually just come to you 🙂 ❤

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  1. I just got into doing my nails myself. What I do is, instead of acrylics I purchase regular nail tips. Would I be able to paint on top of those? So tired of spending 30-40 dollars on a gel for it to chip three days later..

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