Dreamlights Wax Melts

You can never ever have too many wax melts! Have I actually managed to covert anyone yet? I hope so! This time the wax melts are from Dreamlights and the scents are amazing! I received Thai Lime & Mango, Orange Grove, Black Cherry & Almond Macaroon. Black Cherry is by far one of my favourite scents I’ve ever had. The scent throw with these are spot on. I keep all my wax melts in a couple of cute boxes in a cupboard in my kitchen and when I open the door, all I can smell is Thai Lime & Mango. Smells so fresh and perfect for summer!


The only scent I didn’t really like was Almond Macaroon. It is a nice scent but it’s a little too strong, I have a feeling I’d get a little headache with this one. My fella loves it though!

Another great set of melts from another brilliant company. Check them out here. Thanks so much for reading, which one would you guys like the best?


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