The Most Beautiful Watch!


I do love my accessories and a watch can be a massive statement piece and completely make a look. Here we have a beautiful watch from WoodWatches By Jord and it really is the most stunning piece.


This is the woman’s watch Red Sandalwood & Mother Pearl from their Sidney collection, how beautiful is this?! This watch is just perfect for me. Most of the watches that are brought out for woman are so girly and I’ve got to say, I do prefer mens watches. This is the perfect mix of masculinity and femininity. With it being quite a big watch, the diamantes adds the perfect woman’s touch to it. I feel like it’s the perfect ‘boyfriend’ accessory. It’s surprisingly lightweight, so won’t drag your arm down!


This is available for around £140, which I know is quite pricy but they quality is so worth it. This company is based in America but they do ship worldwide! They also have cheaper and more expensive watches to suit any budget and they’re all as beautiful as each other.


A link to their site is here if you want to go have a gander, they also do mens watches if you’re looking to treat your man!

There will be a giveaway for a $75 dollar voucher (open worldwide) and $20 e-card for anyone who enters on my Instagram pretty soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Thank You for reading!


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