Designing Your Own Jewellery

Have you ever had a specific necklace in mind when you’ve gone shopping but not found what you like? I have plenty of times and it really is so annoying. I have actually made my own jewellery before because of this very reason.

But if you’re not very crafty or just don’t have the time to make your own, Diwah have you covered. You can design every aspect of your necklace, what shape, what beads and pendants you want and you can place every bead individually if you want to. You can even name your finished piece!


It came beautifully packaged!



I have to say, the user interface took some getting used to. Whether that was down to me just being stupid (I do have my moments so I always take that into consideration when I find something hard), I don’t know but I had a few frustrating moments. I do have to say as well, they are pricey. My necklace cost £42 and it is quite a simple one. There was a few other designs I wanted but they were just too expensive (I was given £50 by the company to create/buy a necklace). They do have collections on their site with pre made items which can be a bit cheaper and you get more beads/pendants etc.


Now, the necklace itself. Was it worth the cash? I personally don’t think it was. I appreciate it takes time to make it etc but the quality of the beads and spikes just aren’t that great. I think the spikes are plastic which for that price I would expect some sort of metal (if I’m wrong I’ll take it back but I’m sure it’s plastic). I thought it was overpriced as I was creating it but I gave it the benefit of the doubt until it arrived hoping the materials would be high quailty.

I really do hate giving bad reviews, it is a gorgeous necklace and I can’t wait to wear it, I just personally don’t think it’s worth the cash. What do you think?

I have a 30% off code for you lovely lot if you fancy making/buying a piece of your own! Use ALLTHINGS30

Thanks for reading guys!

*this item is a pr sample of gifted item but all opinions are my own*



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