The Brand That Gets Better & Better

BarryM  are on fire this year! They’re releasing an incredible amount of products and not skipping on the quality, they’re only getting better. It’s hard to keep up! Here I have their whole summer collection, full of brand new makeup products and nail polish. Until a few days ago and today, I actually had no idea what their summer collection was, they’ve kept it so quiet!

You all know the love I have for BarryM, for years I would await their releases (the only brand I ever did/do this with), nipping into Superdrug and Boots a few days before official release hoping I could snag them early. The summer collection looks incredible and it’s also very budget friendly so won’t break your bank, even with all the new releases! So lets get stuck in! There will be swatches, nail polish swatches and makeup looks in a week or so showing you the products in action.

Most products are already available in Superdrug and from the 11th May in boots. (I’ll specify if different)


Lets start with the makeup items first. Here we have Hide & Chic Bronzer, Blusher and Highlighter Palette. This contains 1 Bronzer, 2 Blushers & 2 Highlighters. The Bronzer is matte, the blushers are shimmery and there is one matte highlight (perfect for setting your cream highlight) and the other is a shimmer perfect for the glow! This costs £6.49.


Next we have their new range of makeup bags which are exclusive to Superdrug. They come in 4 cute designs and quotes. They are a really good size, can easily fit all your makeup in without taking up your whole handbag. The fabric is easily wiped clean, we all know how messy makeup can be! Definitly pop into your local Superdrug to check out the designs, they’re so cute! These are £6.99 each.





Here we have Illuminating Strobe Creams in Frosty Pink and Iced Bronze. As you can probably guess from the names, Frosty Pink is exactly that, a pink toned highlight and Iced Bronze being more golden. I’ve swatched these on the back of my hand and my god they’re so smooth! I’m a bit of a highlighter fan at the minute (not the kind where I want to blind you, just after that perfect natural glow) & I’m hoping these will hit the spot. I have high hopes, so watch this space.£4.49 each.



So, until I received these today, I had no idea these we’re being released! They’re lip oils, One called Berry Good & the other Coco Loco. These are scented and smell insane, I’ve not had Berry Good off my lips since opening it. These are hydrating and give a glossy but non sticky finish. After all the matte lipsticks I wear, they’ve been in need of these.£4.99 each.


Focusing on lips, they’ve released 4 new lip liners. Let’s talk about the white one first, the Lip Fixer. This stops your lipstick from feathering/bleeding and budging. It can also be used to fill in lip lines to get your lips even smoother. The other 3 are new shades added to their lip liner range. These are (from left to right) Blush, Toast & Rose and these are my sort of shades! Can’t get enough of a good nude/mauve at the minute (and as always) and I think many people are on the same boat as me so will love these!£2.99 each.


Last Makeup Product is a brow powder called It’s A Brow Thing! I cannot wait to use this! I’ve swatched this one my hand and boy does it has some staying power! I’ve not used anything like this before (besides brow fibres) so I am excited to give it a whirl. £4.99.


Now onto nail polishes! This is a brand new range from BarryM called the Molten Metal collection. From left to right we have Silver Lining, Copper Mine, Bronze Bae & Gold Digger and in case you couldn’t tell by the range name and product names they’re inspired precious metals. I’ve seen a few swatches on Instagram of these and they look absolutely stunning, I can’t wait to get them on my nails! £3.99 each.


Another new range, Lolly Gloss. These ones are limited edition so make sure you get your hands on them quick as BarryM polishes can be incredibly hard to get a hold of sometimes. These are jelly polishes, which means they are sheer but can be built up for a lovely squishy look and can be used for nail art, mainly for pond manicures (which are stunning and i’ll do one for you lovely lot). They’re also scented strawberry and raspberry which is a big yummy bonus. £3.99 each.

They’re releasing another 4 polishes which are also limited edition, exclusive to Boots for 2 of them & Superdrug for the other 2 (They usually do this a few times of year and they’re always amazing). The 2 we have here are the Boots Exclusives, left is Golden Sands which has a gorgeous golden shimmer running through it and right is Beachy Keen, a crème polish. Both equally as stunning as each other. These are released on the 11th in boots only and are £3.99 each.

Here is the Superdrug exclusive, on the left we have Carnival Couture & right is Festival Fever. Festival Fever also has a golden shimmer running through it and Carnival Couture is again, a crème polish. I can’t wait to try Carnival Couture, the colour is such a gorgeous nude! These are sold in Superdrug only and are £3.99 each.


And that’s it guys! Isn’t there some amazing products?! Which ones do you want to see in action? Also, I’m thinking about making this my first YouTube video(there will still be a blog post), a makeup look using these products, along with a review. What do you think? Let me know!


28 thoughts on “The Brand That Gets Better & Better

  1. I love their nail polishes! The Lolly Gloss range looks so vibrant, love the colours! And can’t wait to smell them! My bf hates the smell of nail polishes so this might help haha x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aah I always wish some of the lip oils had some colour. They’d be amazing like that. Oh yes them nail polishes are gorgeous. I want one in each colour☺ x


  2. Aren’t all the new products amazing? I had such fun playing around with the new bits & love all the new nail paints so much. Looking forward to seeing your swatches.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Follow me?
        Thanks hun, I have set some time aside today to get the swatching done. Not sure I’m doing to do more than a product post with the beauty bits, I would know where to start with them 🙂 You should do a video!
        Vicky x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. On your blog? Or cant I do that through WordPress? And I’ll still be excited to read it! ❤ and thanks darlin, I might do. Depends how brave I’m feeling haha. Xxx


      3. I follow blog I love through bloglovin. My blog is through Blogger so I’m not sure what that means for WordPress blogs. I’ll post an update on IG when I do so Im sure you’ll see it there x


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