Little Drugstore Makeup Haul

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve been shopping! I was definitely in need of some retail therapy and this little haul will keep me satisfied for a bit.

IMG_20160507_134026 (1).jpg

These were actually from a few days ago, the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor (you’ll see a matte theme in this post). I’d been eyeing these up for a while but I’d heard mixed reviews so were unsure on whether to get them or not. As they were 3 for 2 in Superdrug, it would have been rude not to. I picked the shades (left to right) Seduction, Passion (the most stunning shade) & Devotion. I’ll be doing a review of these soon.


Next is a palette from Makeup Revolution, Flawless Matte. I have wanted this for ages but every time I picked it up, I ended up just putting it back down, talking myself out of buying another eyeshadow palette. With it being £2 off Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes, this worked out at £6 so I could justify the purchase a little more. Except when I left I realised I paid £8 but it’s a bargain either way.



Maybelline also had a offer on at 2 for £10. This particular shade, Nude Flush from the Vivid Matte Liquid collection I had wanted for a little while. It’s a gorgeous colour and I can’t wait to give it a go.




This was a product I was more curious about than wanting it. This is the Brow Drama Pomade Crayon in Medium Brown. My brows are pretty much straight so I have to work hard on them to get them arched and looking natural. So I’m  curious to see what this little guy can do for my brows. I’ll keep you updated!




Another product from Makeup Revolution, Salvation Velvet Laqcuer in Velvet Rebel. I own their Rebel lipliner and it’s honestly one of the most gorgeous shades I’ve seen, so when i spotted this i had to have it! and for only £3, you can’t really go wrong.


Last up is another matte lipstick (told you, everything is matte!). This time it’s from GOSH and it’s their Velvet Touch Lipstick Matte Rose. I’ve wanted this since Christmas and i honestly don’t know why i waited so long. It’s absolutely stunning and smells incredible! This was around £5/6 i think.

And that’s my mini haul! I also have some clothes i purchased from Primark, i might do a try on blog post if that’s something you’d all be interested in?

Thanks so much for reading!



33 thoughts on “Little Drugstore Makeup Haul

  1. I really enjoyed your article about your newest makeup finds…especially giggled at the thought of needing “retail therapy” myself sometimes. Anyway, just wanted to send kudos your way for the well written and sometimes comical antidotes that were included here.

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    1. They are! I love Makeup Revolutions matte shadows anyway, I just wanted a palette with basic ones all in the same place. I have around 8 maybe more palettes from them and they’re really good quality. Starting off at £4 a palette, it wouldn’t break the bank to try ❤


  2. I love my Nude Flush lipstick! It became my daily lippie. I’ve seen a review on YouTube about this and the lady said it made her lips numb. That doesn’t happen to me but when the lipstick gets injested, I can tell because it would bother my throat and I’ll need a drink of water. It’s a really good creamy color. Just everyone has some sort of con to it.

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  3. I was really excited about the Maybelline vivid matte, I bought the dark purple but it really isn’t matte. I found myself having to really layer that lipstick to make it blend. It was very splotchy…but maybe that’s just the darker shades? Excited to see the others!

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    1. I hate it when they say it’s matte and it’s not! And it sounds a bit crappy, I’ll keep my eye on this one and see how it does. Hopefully have a bit more luck! Thank you for reading ❤


  4. Thanks for this interesting post. I like buying Maybelline from drugstores too. If I can get my shade for the BrowDrama, I will definitely give it a go. Matte lip glosses are my fave, mainly by Sleek in Superdrug. thanks 🙂

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