Oils Perfect For DIY Beauty Products


Making my own beauty products has always been an interest of mine. Moisturisers especially. With choosing your own ingredients, they’ll be no nasty surprises, it’s cheaper and you can pick and choose what works with your own skin type. It’s fun too!

These carrier oils from BuffAndButter are perfect for just that. The main use is aromatherapy but they can be added into your moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner, whatever you want (depending on the oil though).

The first oil I have is Organic Macadamia Nut. I chose this one because it helps with scarring (still trying to shift the stretch marks I have on the back of my legs from pregnancy which prevents me from ever going bare legged!). This is also perfect for hydrating and soothing dry skin, you all know my skin is like a desert, so this seemed like the perfect product.

Next up is Organic Grapeseed.This one is a lighter oil, doesn’t leave the skin feelinh greasy or heavy but still soothes and hydrates the skin. This is even suitable for people with oily skin it’s that light. This one is definitely perfect to add to your moisturiser without going overboard.

The last one is Organic Avocado Oil. This is by far my favourite! This can be added to your shampoo and hair masks and I cannot tell you the wonders it has done for me. I have very oily hair, I can wash it at night and it can be greasy by morning. But this bad boy didn’t make my hair any worse but gave it a gorgeous shine and it was sooo soft! This oil also helps with anti aging, I’ll be 25 (yikes) this year, so I think it’s time to start delving into the world of anti aging and this product is a perfect way to introduce that without all the fuss of 20 different products. And its natural!

The prices for these are incredible! Oils start from just over £1! They also do Jojoba oil, I’ve reviewed a bottle of the same stuff before which was over £20! The oils I have here are only around £3 a bottle and they’re 50ml bottles!

Their site is here if you fancy taking a look, I highly recommend you do. They do a wide variety of carrier oils, essential oils as well as products for candle making. Which I may have to invest in myself as my previous oils for my wax melts was a massive fail and smelt awful!

Thanks so much for reading guys! What do you think to making your own products? Is it something that you would give a go?

*these items are pr samples or gifted items but all opinions are definitely my own*


6 thoughts on “Oils Perfect For DIY Beauty Products

  1. I used to use castor oil with sweet almond oil and a bit of ylang ylang to cleanse my face
    I really like using oils for cleansing think it would work for most skin types you just have to adjust how much castor oil you use as when I first did it I used too much and it really stripped my skin!

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