Essential Accessories

I’m very picky when it comes to my jewellery but when I find a piece I love, I really do wear it forever. My snowflake and reindeer necklace has not left my neck since I first owned them.  To me, jewellery is more about how it makes me feel than how it looks. Having my Christmas necklace on makes me happy and therefore has never come off and I don’t think it will be anytime soon.


These pieces from HANNAH are absolutely stunning and I have barley taken them off too. I was sent the Rose Gold Infinity Ring and the Silver Cross Ring. They’re handmade and absolutely gorgeous. The Infinity ring especially is my favourite and hasn’t left my finger.

Owning and wearing handmade products makes me so happy. I love the fact that the person making it has sat down, took time out of their day to individually make your product. And that goes for these lovely rings. HANNAH makes these by request, so you know that your ring has been made for just you and not just grabbed from a pile of pre made products (which isn’t a bad thing either but I do feel it’s more personal).


These rings are very reasonably priced, starting at under a tenner which for me, the time and effort and materials is a bargain. She does a wide variety of jewellery, not just rings and has some more statement pieces and simplistic ones.

Head on over to her Instagram here, she’s had quite a few offers on recently so make sure to head on over there to keep up to date!

Thanks so much for reading, which one would you wear?

*these items were a pr sample of gifted item but all opinions are definitely my own*




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