NutriPlan – the 4 Week Detox

I do love a good detox, whether it be to lose weight or just generally feel better about myself. I’ve tried a few in the past but nothing comes close to the quality of Nutri Plan. It’s incredible and if you find it hard to stick to a detox/diet this is the box for you.

I have the Silver plan, which is a 4 Week detox. It contains supplements, shakes and herbal teas including Acai Berry Shake, Raspberry Ketone Capsules & Lean Green Shake.

The weeks are bagged up individually and the days are also bagged individually, it’s never been easier to keep yourself on track. Each week is also themed, Week 1 for example is Lean & Green. I really do think it’s brilliant.

Lets have a look at the weeks individually.

Week 1 –  Lean & Green

Morning – Matcha Tea
Lunch – Spirulina Tablets x2
Evening – Lean Green Shake


Each day contains a Matcha Tea, Lean Green Shake and Spirulina. Not going to lie, I was not excited to try the Lean Green shake but I was pleasantly surprised! You can add this into a Smoothie but if you’re in a rush, water is just fine. After just this one week, I really felt more energetic.

Week 2 – Beautifully Balanced

Morning-Chinese Black Tea/Raspberry Ketone Capsules
Lunch-Superfoods Bundle Capsules x2
Evening – Spirulina Tablets x2


This was probably my favourite week. I’m not a huge fan of herbal tea’s and sometimes find them very hard to swallow, so with this week being mainly capsules I was happy!

Week 3 – Berry Bliss

Morning-Matcha Tea/Superfoods Bundle Capsules x2
Lunch- Raspberry Ketone Capsules x2
Evening – Acai Berry Shake


The Acai Berry Shake is incredible and easily the best thing to drink. Having this just before bed filled me up and gave me energy to get up in the morning. Absolutely loved it!

Week 4- Free & Clear

Morning – Yerba Mate Tea/Superfoods Bundle Capsules
Lunch- Spirulina Tablets x2
Evening – Superfoods Bundle Capsules


Again this is a good week, mainly capsules again. The Yerba Mate Tea wasn’t too bad though! They do recommend adding a dash of lemon for taste but I do prefer honey myself to add a bit of sweetness to it.

I really think having everything already planned out ready to use really helps with sticking to it and remaining healthy with snacks and meals. I’ve not had this much energy in ages, I usually live on energy drinks and coffee to keep me going but this gave me natural energy and I loved it.

They have a variety of different products available, mine is the Silver Plan which is available here. They also do a Gold & Bronze plan as well as morning & night Detox teas. If you’re serious about losing weight or being more healthy I couldn’t recommended Nutri Plan enough. They’ve really put so much thought and effort into  products.

Thanks so much for reading! ❤


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