BarryM’s Coconut Infusion Collection

So BarryM have released another new collection (I love how many releases they have, they’re always spot on) and they’ve done perfect again! This is the Coconut Infusion Collection and it contains a blend of Coconut Oil And Coconut Water to hydrate and nourish the nails. It also contains Vitamins B & C, helping strengthen, repair and replenish the nails. How amazing is that?!

I’ll be doing swatches in about a week as I’m moving tomorrow! I’ll have Wifi on the 26th but I have some on my phone to should be able to keep up to date with posts (once the first big move days are out the way).

Here are the shades…

Screenshot_2016-04-13-19-53-33_1.jpg Starting off with this gorgeous blue shade Laguna on the left. Just looking at the bottles, this is my favourite so far. It’s a gorgeous slightly pale sky blue.

On the right we have Starfish. A light beige, slightly grey nude. I cannot wait to try this one out, this collection has 4 nudes each a little similar but completely different.


Next we have Bikini on the left, which is a muted sea green shade. It’s perfect for summer without being too bright.

The right shade is Sunkissed. This is another nude but more on the light brown side of nudes.


Next up Aloha. This is a muted bright pink, still bright enough to make an impact on the nails but not so bright its blinding 😉

On the right is Tiki Hut. This is very similar to Sunkissed but a few shades darker but still being a light brown. So stunning!


This stunning muted, pale purple is Surfboard. This is another favourite of mine so far, its nothing like I own (& I own way too many polishes).

The right is Skinny Dip and last of the nudes. This is probably my favourite out of the nude shades, more on the brighter side, a light light cream colour. So pretty!


Last up is Flamingo, this was very hard to photograph! It’s a lot more bright in this picture, like a slightly muted neon pastel Orange. It’s so unique and I can’t wait to try this to see what it looks like on the nails.

They were also very kind to add in an amazing extra, a BarryM phone adapter! How amazing is this? This beauty will be going straight on my vanity when I move!


How amazing will this look, a huge BarryM bottle next to all my makeup?!


A huge thanks to BarryM for letting me try out their collection. Which is your favourite shade guys? Let me know! Thank you for reading.

*contains pr or gifted items but all opinions are definitely my own!*


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